Monday, July 5, 2010

well...plans changed and I might have a new addiction?

I have not gone to Sacramento today after all! My day trip is postponed until Friday, if she still needs me. The details of the purpose of this trip are very boring, so I will spare you.

About 6 months ago, a friend of mine from overseas sent me on a mission into some dark and dusty warehouse to seek out an ancient artifact called the '45 record. This artifact is about 7" across, circular in shape and actually has music embedded on it! There are some sort of mysterious machines, called "record players" that are used to decode and listen to the music. These record players are fairly large, and you could fit about 1500 Ipods and MP3 players into the one that my boss has given me.

Well, in this dark and dusty warehouse I found some wonderful music that I adore from record hops and Viva. I have had some of these songs on CDs and in my Itunes, but it is utterly amazing to hold in my hand the original 45, and wonder how it withstood all these years and still plays. I also kind of like the crackley sound that you only hear listening to vinyl.

I then found out that a long time friend of mine, Joey, had a whole room of records he was selling. Joey is an interesting cat. He's a musician, who has played and toured since the 80s. He has stories galore, about lots of people, but I will be discreet here. He is also a collector/hoarder, like most of us into this lifestyle. He was generous enough to sell me a lot, including some great clothes for me and Frank at a "friend price" and let me bring some local DJ friends of mine come over and buy a nice lot.

I sold what I'd bought for my friend at cost +shipping expenses, but I was mildly intrigued by the interest in these disk like pieces of Vinyl.

Long story short...I have met an awesome guy, car builder, who has found a few lots of records, he is willing to sell me them for what he paid. I think I may be holding onto these because there are some great records in the lot...all on original labels and good, playable condition.

I don't want to say what I'm paying for them. Let's just say they are a deal. If there are any vinyl junkies who stumble upon my blog, let me know so I can follow you. I'm trying to not get another addiction, especially one that I can't afford, but the lure is there with the low prices of these first few lots. I guess it is like crack...the dealer lets you try it for free, and then you are hooked. I'll be holding up signs "will work for vinyl" on street corners, soon. 



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