Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Friends, dogpiles and Lurex...OH MY!

Sorry I've not been blogging! After the Bombshell Bop and my birthday, I had to work at the shop, then at my day job, then prepare to go to Long Beach for the Rhythm Rocker. I am sorry I've neglected this!

I don't need to write about the Bombshell Bop and my birthday because Rachelle did an excellent job writing a review and about the show HERE.

Prior to the Rhythm Rocker, I knew that the line up would not be what was anticipated when the show was first announced. Most of the European bands had dropped off the bill, and the line up dwindled. As that was happening, I also knew that support for the weekender would fall, so I was more determined to go and support since California doesn't have weekenders.

Wednesday night, my buddy Raul drove down from the east bay so we could attend a record hop in Santa Cruz where we warmed up dancing with a few people and getting psyched for the weekend. We woke up early on Thursday, I took my son to school and did my packing. Yes, I waited until the last minute to pack! Shame on me, but since I was driving, I just laid my dresses on the back seat.

The drive down seemed to go quickly while we played the game "Anal Road Trip." You insert the word "anal" in front of the models of cars you see on the road, "Anal Explorer" "Anal Lancer" "Anal Wrangler" "Anal Probe," you get it. I think the guys over at Ford made up the game since Fords are the best for the Anal Road Trip game.

When we got to Long Beach we went over to my friend Lucky's house where Raul and I were staying. We went out to eat at the Pike on 4th Street right by Retro Row. Dinner was great, and Raul and I got dressed up to meet Jessica and Cosmic Keith at the Puka Bar where the pre-party was happening. We ran into tons of people we knew, and saw Nichole "Rockabilly Socialite." Basically a fun night of dancing, hanging out and shooting the shit with socal people I know.

Jess and I at the Puka Bar (photo by Cosmic Keith)

Raul and I woke up about 10 AM and I went out to get coffee and breakfast burritos and ate with Lucky and her boyfriend Manny. A very fat feeling me, then showered and got ready to go to 4th Street since I didn't want to head into Hollywood with Jessica and Keith. At Meow I found the most fabulous blue and silver Lurex cocktail dress. It was a little tight but I didn't care and I bought it anyway. I will skip to the's pics of me and various people. This is bad, but I realized that few of my friends took pics of the bands! Shame on us! 

Me in Lurex with Veronica
 Me in Lurex with Mel aka incendiary blonde
 Me, Dez from Chicago and Big Sandy
Dorian and I
 Here's a pic of Raul and Big Sandy
Jessica and Kim, my partners in crime 

After the show the after-parties started...we ended up in someone's room. There was lots of silliness and ass slapping. Jess and I were outside and decided to tackle Dorian, and it turned into a dogpile...Raul is brilliant and got pics:
Ashley and Eric using my new shoes from Olivera street as telephones

Dorian still loved me after the dogpile
 My buddy Tanoa got a bit intoxicated Friday night and his ass slapping got a little out of hand. Finally a Socal girl took it upon herself to correct his behavior and put him over her knee and spanked him properly!

Prior to going to the Rhythm Rocker, I had purchased a few things from a seller on ebay who told me she was going to vend the show. I had purchased a hawaiian circle skirt from her and she was planning on bringing it to the show. I was dancing on Friday night when a woman came up and asked if I was getting a skirt from someone vending and I said "yes." She told me that it was her and she recognized me from my measurements! 
Pricilla, ebay seller and I

Raul and I finally left the hotel around 4:30 AM. We woke up about noon, did the breakfast burrito thing again and got ready to go to the hotel. I brought my evening clothes with me so I could get ready in Jess' room. The weather was overcast and the tiki pool party was not well attended. I did run into Dorian and Arsen Roulette while I was strolling around. Arsen's new band Jailbreak was playing.
Here's a pic of all me with fellow bombshells and friends from the bay area
Saturday night was a lot of fun, watched the Rip 'Em Ups and I liked them. I saw them at Viva and liked them there, too. Sorry, no band photos, but here is a photo of me grabbing Dez's boobs
Chatting up Sean Law
 Dez and Jen from the League of International Party Girls (I'm in the league but was retarded and didn't bring my shirt)
 Sunday Raul woke me up to tell me we were meeting everyone at Roscoe's. I went along in overalls, no make up and a newsie cap, and it was just Raul, Kavah the photographer who was staying at Lucky's and his girlfriend, Eileen. Turns out there was a marathon and no one could get across town to meet us. I got Keith and Jessica an order of half chicken and gravy on the side with waffles. Keith was loving it when I finally got to the hotel with it. 

Sunday's bands were good. Jessica and I had met some car club guys from England on Saturday night. They came out on Sunday again. Whenever there are English people around, I will root them out and make them entertain me. Here is a pic of me with the guys from the Original's Hot Rod Club
Jess, Sean and I
DJ James, Jess and I
Well, that is my half ass review and recap of the weekend....this working full time is really cutting into my blogging! 
*Most photos are from Raul Castro and Jessica Brooks...I didn't even pull my camera out, bad social blogger that I am!


Straight Talking Mama! said...

OMG that lurex dress!! I love Lurex soooo hard to find now but so glam!

Anonymous said...

Dogpile in lurex dress !ha ha ha fantastic ! You rock !

Rockin' Raul said...

Hey Kim, pretty good review! Thanks for the props. I see tons of pics that I took of the weekend. How about some photo credit for the other photographers?
Thanks for being a great travel partner!

Vintage Christine said...

Talk about living vicariously through someone else's adventures. You completely rock the house, girlfriend!

Unknown said...

I think it was a really fun weekend, huh? We need more CA weekenders. Lets do Palm Springs next! :)


Rachelle said...

@Raul, I was going to say!! How could Kim be in all the pics if she took them? LOL

Anonymous said...

OOOH I love your blue dress! It's fantastic! Great photos and review and that seller who recognized you by your MEASUREMENTS?! That is insane! She's awesome!!

Tara said...

Wonderful post! Great pics too! That lurex dress is DIVINE! I love it! You look lovely!

Betty2Tone said...

The black and white checkered skirt in the last couple pictures is amazing!!

Kim said...

I edited to add photo credit, that seller was awesome. I had told her my measurements in an email, and I guess I was the only girl with a 30 inch waist and 45 inch hips! That black and white skirt I bought while I was down there for only $16 at La Bamba. I love it! The Lurex will be seen again in Vegas ;-)


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