Monday, July 12, 2010

Another weekend, another car show! Strangers host at San Jose Historical Museum

I love the Stranger's Annual BBQ/Picnic. It is really a family event, and overall good time. It's got a relaxed attitude and the location is perfect for a car show with acres of shaded lawn set in San Jose's History Park Museum located within Kelly Park. We got there a little late (notice a theme in life?) , and after a little meeting and greeting, I was determined to find the real bathrooms I have used in years past, instead of the porta pottys. After completing that mission successfully, I ventured out looking for my friend Rea, who I knew was there. I mentioned in an earlier post that Rea owns a Barbershop and Pomade Company, and she was vending her pomade, Cockgrease at the show. Had a nice relaxing visit with her and went off to visit other people and take pics.

I want to apologize for the photo quality, I told you guys my camera sucks.

I ran into my friend Johnny who owns Kool Cat Kustoms

He recently built a new Hot Rod

Here is the back of Bill's car...Bill and Johnny are in the Road Zombies Car Club...I will do a blog about their car show soon.
Here are some random photos from the event:

This is a really sweet girl I know, Nadine:

I ran into my friend Shelby who is in a band called the The Chop Tops

My friend John and I feel bad, because I can't remember the other guy's name, but I think it's Tommy?

Here is another shot of the event
Frank and I wanted some Ice Cream, and the sweet shop at the Museum was open:

I don't want to forget to mention, Rea's husband's car got a big award. He wins something at every show. I told him he will have to build a trophy room to house all the trophies he's won.


Dolly Cool Clare said...

I love the chop tops! This car show looks amazing. The fantastic weather helps too of course! The cars just dont look the same under the dull grey skies of England!

Hell's Belle said...

Wish I hadn't missed it this year-just had too much to do!

P.S. The guy with John is Tony Vida ;-)

Kim Bombshell said...

That's right, Tony, not Tommy! I may need your help quite a bit Vanessa ;)


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