Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thank you Neil!

My BFF, Neil sent me a package that I received yesterday.

He sent me not one, but 2 Paul Ansell #9 Cds
This is where I got my song of the day from, although I had to post the original since it is more "rockabilly" to  use the original (sarcasm!) *Edit* I just noticed, actually Neil asked me if I noticed his alterations to the cover of these CDs, and I must admit I didn't notice until just now. If you read this Neil...good one, but I think Moob Swings should be the name of the Frantix next CD.

He also sent me a Rollin' Records DVD
I think that this record label is putting out some of the best music in the UK right now. Here's a trailer from the DVD:

He was also kind enough to tease me with a copy of the program from this year's Rockabilly Rave. He teased me with the last package when he included the DVD Documentary "Havin' a Ball" about the Rockabilly Rave in the UK. My goal is to go to this next year. I am currently seeking a proper job so I can save to go. Sending me the DVD and program were just carrots to lure me back to the treadmill of working full-time. I haven't told my husband of my plan yet, I'm sure I've just outed myself in this blog...

Here's a picture of the program and a trailer  to the DVD



Hummmm the playboys !!!! Their vinyls could stay one week on my record player without problem. Their sound make me crazy !!!


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