Saturday, July 10, 2010

Viva Day 2

It is almost 3AM, and I just got in from the High Rhythm Hustlers' CD release show, and thought I should knock out another Viva blog so that by Monday I can start a blog about tonight. Trust me, I have a busy weekend and there is a method to my madness.

Thursday morning I had to wake up sort of early, around 9ish because I was having lunch with my grandmother who happens to live in Vegas. She is 93, and is kind of an inspiration. When I was 7, my father told her I had discovered his Elvis LP and was always playing it, so she made me a bunch of Elvis cassette tapes to listen to. She and I were together when we heard Elvis died. I was 10 at the time of his death, almost 11. My Grandmother had always said she would take me to see Elvis when I was 12, but that was never to be. She also was into Polynesian culture and introduced me to it at birth by having me call her "Tutu" which is Hawaiian for "Grandmother." She did Polynesian dancing for 30 years, always made me mu-mus when I was a kid, had an awesome tiki bar in her guest house, and still has Hawaiiana decor, even while living in assisted living.

I had a 9 AM wake up call, 5 hours sleep always seems enough when at Viva. I wanted coffee, but didn't want to get dressed to go get it. Our room was a mess with lucite and bakelite thrown all over the dressing table, along with hot rollers, and other necessities of the trip. I thought to myself, "Anyone who was here last night is still asleep and no one I know would be arriving this early, I'm gonna chance it and get coffee in my PJs."

SO.....I made it down, got my large, extra shot skinny latte, and was almost to the elevators when I saw Mouse and Carl, two London DJs I know. They saw me in my flannel PJs with pink and teal starbursts on them and just started busting up. I explained how I needed coffee before I could even get in the shower. Carl asked "Why didn't you use the coffee maker in your room?" I had to think fast, because if I had told the truth it would have revealed what a moron I am. Instead of telling them "I didn't realize we had one because as girls, Jessica and I have so much stuff cluttering up the place I didn't know it was there," I said "I prefer latte drinks." I then explained further, "I'm married so I don't care if anyone sees me like this, besides, you know I can clean up well." That second part is actually true.

The incident gave them a laugh and later Mouse came up with a new nick name for me which is a play on my real name, "Kim Smallwood." He dubbed me "Small Kim Would."

I had a nice visit with my Grandmother and got back to the hotel in time to go to Pea's Hooch n Smooch. I love going to it but it was really crowded, and I was actually a bit tired so I went back to my room to rest before the night's activities.

While I was getting ready that night, the Keith and Kenny from High Voltage showed up to get their merch and the sax. They gave Jess and I each a shirt and I wore mine late that night at the record hops.

I can't remember when, but some time before I got ready Jess and I went to the vendors and the first thing I saw was a gold glitter covered clutch that matched my gold glittered Betsy Johnson Pollys I was going to wear that night. I was so happy.

I wore a yellow strapless vintage pencil dress with the gold Betsey Johnson shoes and had the purse. I had matching gold confetti lucite accessories. I actually have a thing for confetti lucite jewelry, and am always on the look out for confetti clamper bracelets. I have 2 and would like some others in different colors.

Here is a picture of Jess, Lola Devlin and myself on Thursday night:

I wish you could see the shoes in the photo.

Here is another photo of a bunch of us during Big Sandy:

Here is another photo of Jess with Ian and Keith from Hi Voltage
I forgot to mention, that I had brought a bunch of vintage to sell. I had the good fortune to score a HUGE lot of vintage  from an estate. There were pedal pushers, a fleck sports coat, Kahmehameha mermaid dress, Dorset Rex basket weave purse, 3 pairs of 50s Gab trousers, beaded sweaters, shorts, a men's cabana set, and more.  I had used some of our Viva money to buy it and then ran around and sold a few pieces before we left and made back more than what I spent on those first few pieces. This estate really was the best estate I have ever seen, I was the first clothing dealer to view it, and it was just too amazing for words. I brought another dealer who I know and consigns at the shop with me because he has money and I didn't have much money right before Vegas.

I had told a couple of English girls, Hayley and her sister Vicky, that I had some vintage shorts and pants and other things for sale, so they came up to see what I had. Hayley tried on the adorable white top with matching pants. She was amazed because the pants fit her through the thighs perfectly and fit her waist perfectly. The rise was right and she was sold. Vicky bought a pair of yellow pedal pushers, pink shorts and a cute flag print blouse. Their friend Gerry bought the cabana set. We were all happy.

OK...back to the fun...We watched a few of the bands, Big Sandy, I remember, but for the most part it was a night of greeting old friends and standing around shooting the shit. After the bands, I went upstairs, put on some jeans and my new Hi Voltage tee-shirt and I was ready to dance.

Here is a picture of Jess, Hayley and Vicky

I'm not sure how many people reading this know much about Viva Las Vegas, etc., but if you do, you know that the record hops go all night until 7. It is where the hardcore music lovers can be found. Everyone is  dancing, drinking and participating in all kinds of shenanigans. I like the hops because a lot of the Europeans hang out there and I really like the European Rockabillies, especially the English. They seem more relaxed and always seem to be having a good time.

Thursday was a hard drinking night for a lot of people, and there was a lot of dancing until about 5 AM. Jess had already gone to bed, and I was downstairs at the bar and had to find someone to help me get out of my boots so I wouldn't wake Jess. I found Mouse, still drinking and he did the honor for me and then threw the boots across the casino. Finally...sleep...and ready for another day.


Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

Looks like you had a fun time! I've never been to VLV. Years ago I thought I wanted to go but now not so much anymore.

Still thinking about that dress but shouldn't spend the cash right now :( I've got your # so if I have a change of mind I will contact you! :) Thanks for enabling me though! hehehe


Gabriella said...

Hey sweetie! I didn't know you were a blog-gurl! Welcome to the blogosphere! Hugs!

Kim Bombshell said...

If you do change your mind Mary, I'd do it quick! I don't think it's going to in the store long since I've posted pictures of it :-)

Gabby! I need to find more Jay N Bee pics so I can put pictures of you up. BTW, love your blog and title is exactly my opinion of sewing!

phenolicfanatic said...

Hey kim, enjoying reading your blog- please keep posting! Can I say though- please don't apologise for the clothing talk- I know you said that's not what you wanted this blog to be about but really your viva posts have been the perfect balance for this gal- I want to know about the gig, I want to know about the bands- but I also am interested to know about the clothes, what the vendors were selling etc It's a package deal for me. Love your work, michele xx


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