Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Viva day 5, or what I can remember of it!

Frank and I slept in that day. I remember that. We ate room service, I remember that. Oh yeah...the pool party! We went to the pool party. It was really windy, and kind of cold. Frank wore jeans and a Hawaiian shirt. I wore a vintage Jantzen with a sarong and matching bolero. The sarong and bolero had been made for me out of 40s rayon. I don't like my legs, so I wasn't going to show them off.

Jess borrowed my gold shoes and they look stunning with her Lame suit.

Here's a good pic of the group of San Francisco Bay Area Girls

Here are the Boys...not all from SF...Patrick is from Seattle and Chris is from England.
Frank wasn't really that into the pool party, so we left after about an hour. Went and did a little bit of gambling and he wanted to see the Chop Tops. The line to get into the pub was so long, we both said, screw it, and went and ate. We kind of just hung out chatting with people and went back to our room for him to pack up before it was time for me to take him to the airport.

The truth is, Frank is not into rockabilly weekenders. He doesn't dance, and he only wants to go if there is a band he loves playing. He told me in 2005 that he doesn't need to go to Viva anymore, but I still get him to go. Mostly he goes because we will miss each other if I'm gone for 6 days without him.

I've got only one picture from Sunday night that I can find since one person I know who actually took a photo of me in my new dress has still not posted their photos from Vegas. I forgot to mention, I did get an amazing red dress with a deco print on it for less than $100 on sunday...it was originally $145. It's late 40s, perfect condition, and at some point I will post a picture of me in it.

Sunday night I watched the Fabulous Harmonaire's last show and they were backed by Dave Wolf and Peter Sandberg from the Go Getters. Eddie Nichols from Royal Crown Revue sang with them. I did get one picture from that, but it's not very flattering.

Here is me picking up Pea in her darling slippers.

After hanging out with the Scots until the wee hours of the morning, I went to bed about 5, and then the next morning, it took forever for Jess and I to leave the Orleans. All the good byes and "see you next years" kept us at the Orleans until 2PM.

This was a great Viva...sorry I can't remember so much of what I did and who I saw, etc. My memory gets great big holes in it with age.


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