Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Late nights means late sleeping...

Now that it is summer, and I don't have to get up early to get the kids off to school, I'm staying up later and sleeping in later. I slept until almost noon, kind of mad at myself for that. Really cuts into the day and I don't get to work out when I sleep that late.

Last night I drove up to San Francisco to see Rockin' Lloyd Tripp. I was late, as usual, due to working until 7 and needing to have dinner with the family, then there is always the wardrobe dilemma. I have so many damn clothes but my vanity always thinks, "so and so might be there and I wore this last time they saw me" etc. I really shouldn't care and I am outing myself as a big dork, but it is the truth. AAAAHHHH I'm going off topic again!

Now, back to the show. Of course I didn't take photos because I'm not used to the fact I will be documenting what I do and where I go, so I will just have to steal some photos of Lloyd from online and videos.

Here is a photo of Lloyd playing somewhere in Eruope

That video was uploaded about a year ago. I have no idea who is playing with him, or where it is.

Now, back to the show, it was a free show at the Riptide, a little honkytonk style bar way out by the beach in San Francisco. It was an early show, so like I posted above, I was late. I got there and missed his first set, and also missed Dorian. I was supposed to meet Dorian, but she must have left just before I got there. I went to the show alone, since it was a work night and no one from San Jose wanted to go to San Francisco on a work night. I don't mind, since I know I will always see people I know and can hang out with. For a Tuesday night the place was packed. I saw a lot of old faces who had come out to see Lloyd. Lloyd used to live in San Francisco, but now lives in Austin.

Lloyd was backed by my old bud Biff O'Hara on drums and Elizabeth on bass. Lloyd taught Elizabeth how to play bass so she could go on tour with him some times. She is getting pretty good. I booked Lloyd in San Jose at the Blank Club last year, Elizabeth was playing with him, and I thought she did a good job then, but she seemed more confident and sounded even better this go around.

Biff is an old buddy from the punk rock days. He lived here in San Jose, played with the legendary punk rock band, Ribzy, and also a goth/deathrock sort of band called Thieves Cross.  He's been backing Lloyd for years, and it's always good to see him.

When I walked up to Riptide, I saw Carlo standing outside. I love Carlo and his wife Karine. Carlo is my second favorite person to jive with because he likes to rock out as hard as I do and he's a really strong lead. There was no dancing last night, since there was no room! The place was packed, I saw John and Sylvie from Santa Cruz. John's a grumpy old "treasure hunter" and Sylvie is his sweet girlfriend who I adore. They are a cute couple and have come to the shop a few times and brought some of their friends from LA to shop at the shop. I also saw Asian Mike, Akemi, Aimee, Greg Utter, Penny, Audrey, Renee and Karl. I'm sure there are more people I'm forgetting that I saw and that I know, but was a good turnout for a Tuesday.

I got home about 1 AM, but didn't go to sleep until about 2 and WAY overslept. This song is my theme for the day:



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