Friday, July 16, 2010

Should I?

Start a new blog about my weight loss journey...the ups, the downs, the times I'm crying out for a cheeseburger? My late night binges on eclairs? My struggle with making myself work out? It would not be nearly as insightful and helpful as Bitchcakes' journal, but since I have gone from this:
At the 2004 Wrecker's Ball:

To 2006, 60 pounds less, in my first Whirlingturban

Back up 40 pounds in 2008:

And then after returning to Weight Watchers, losing 50 pounds from July 2009 to April 2010...where I am now kind of stuck.

I hope that in having a place to vent about it might help. I need to toot my own horn with successes and beat myself up with failures, and then maybe I will get over this "plateau" (weight watcher word) I am on and start losing again to get to my goal weight.


Tart Deco said...

I would love to read about your journey. I myself have had a similar journey, except I am at the gained back weight after having lost 40 pds in 2002-03 and then gained it back, then lost 20 pds, then gained it back. Right now I am trying to watch what I eat but because I am gluten-free it can be a struggle.

It's good to see how others have handled this rollercoaster!

Mary said...

I think this would be a great place to document your journey and have others respond with their wisdom, advice and suggestions! I bet you would be able to speak into a lot of other woman's lives and I bet they (we!) could hold you accountable!

Great blog! I'm happy I found you!


Delightful Bitefuls
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Straight Talking Mama! said...

wow well done on the weight loss I have struggle ALL my life with my weight and currently am doing absolutely nothing about it which depresses the hell out of me :o(

I would be very interested to hear about your journey and battles, it all helps encourage other people, you look fabulous!!

Kim Bombshell said...

I have started it but it is late and I need to go to bed...I worked out today and burned over 500 calories, then I ruined with with a milkshake. *sigh* the story of my life!

Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

woohoo girlie! Good job! So many of us struggle with our weight...I guess that's what makes us girls?? haha

I tried writing a separate blog for my weight loss and healthy lifestyle but my time is limited so I just throw it all on my DeluxeVille blog...I figure if someone's not interested they can just skip it!

Keep up the good work!!!


Rachelle said...

You never looked that big to me but looking back and at how far you have come and what you have accomplished is pretty goddamn amazing! Those old fat pictures don't even look like you now.


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