Friday, July 9, 2010

Starting the "what I do" day 1

OK...since I just started this blog, and since I mentioned it in the "Coming soon...." blog, I will begin to blog about some of my adventures in the last year, maybe 2. I think I will start with Viva, since I've got a few pics that I stole from my friend Jessica. My personal lack of photos is because I don't have a good camera, and honestly, I'm not the type of person to interrupt a good time dancing or watching a band to take pictures. I know I will have to change my ways, somewhat, to accommodate this blog. I will also have to buy a decent camera!

For those of you who don't know what Viva is, where the hell have you been and how did you find my blog? OK...Viva or VLV is short for "Viva Las Vegas" Rockabilly weekender. You can see the website here:

Through a lot of diligent work, absence of cheeseburgers, and jiving, I lost 49 pounds just before Viva. Due to the weight loss, I of course had to replenish my wardrobe and had quite a bit of luck in the months prior to Viva. Needless to say, I was excited to see the bands, see my friends from overseas that I only see at these events, excited to jive with new partners, and wear the new to me clothes.

The plan was I would drive to Viva with my friend Jessica and stay from Wednesday to Monday, and Frank (my imaginary husband) would fly in Friday and fly home Sunday because he had to work.

Jess arrived late on Tuesday. My car was already so full because I was driving out merch for the band Hi Voltage from Scotland. They couldn't bring the merch in themselves because of customs, so I hooked them up with a vendor to make their shirts and they shipped me their CDs.  I was also bringing most of the merch for Cockgrease. That was 3 large suitcases, a large rubbermaid box and a folding table. By the time Jessica got there, there was hardly room for our stuff. We packed up what we could, I had to leave behind at least 4 dresses that I wanted to bring.

I little bit about my travel habits. My motto when traveling is: Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. This is one reason I like to drive to Viva, so I know I will have everything I need and won't be forced to leave too much behind. I used to bring a suitcase of shoes when I would go to LA for the weekend. That was a little excessive, and I have gotten more practical when it comes to footware when I travel.

I left the dresses, but still had plenty of options. We hopped in the car Wednesday morning and took off so we would be able to go to Ronny Weiser's Annual "International Meet n Greet" Viva Pre-party. I wanted to also attend the Wild! Records Pre-party to see a new band from London, the Caezars . They are comprised of teenagers who really know how to rock n roll. Loved them and thought they were adorable.

We got to the Orleans and the first people we saw while unloading the car were the Scots from Hi Volage. They were relieved to know their merch arrived safely. I had also brought a sax for the sax player, although he used a different one when they played. The one I brought had some issues. After a brief hello to them, and hello to Lynn, Hayley and meeting Hayley's sister Vicki, we checked in and headed out to the party.

Here are some of the pics from Ronny's party:

Jess and I

Kenny, the sax player from Hi Voltage
Hi Voltage rocking Ronny's living room
View of the Caezars rocking from the balcony
After the party, we went back to the hotel, had something to eat and freshened up for the Wild! party. The Caezars were not disappointing! Those boys sounded great and they look like what Rockabilly should look like. Energetic and completely rebellious. There was no room to dance, unfortunately, but it was entertaining enough to just watch the bands.

Here are pics from the Wild! party...the first is Reb Kennedy introducing the Caezars


Here is a picture of Jess and myself:

Here is one where you can kind of see my skirt. I scored this skirt for $42 on ebay, which I think is a good deal for a vintage hand painted mexican skirt with sequins in perfect condition.

After the Wild! show, we went back and hung out at the bar with some friends, Lindsey and Jeremy from the bay area, the guys from Hi Voltage, Hayley, Vicki and Mary. Saw and greeted other acquaintance as they arrived or came around.

I will write more, and sorry for the clothes talk...I really don't want this to be what this blog is about, but I am female, so it will slip in here and there.


'The Girl Can't Help It' said...

Lovin your blog!! I am off to High Rockabilly in Spain this year and can't wait. Haven't been to VLV for a few years. I remember plenty of times rockin until the wee hours of the morning. Hoping for much the same at High.
Keep the blog stories coming.

Kim Bombshell said...

Dawn! I'm so envious you are going to the High! My goal is to someday attend, but I want to go to the Rave first.



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