Sunday, July 25, 2010

Time for a rant...

I can't hold it in anymore...I have to rant.

No, this rant isn't a judgmental scene related rant. I won't be talking dirt about other girls or people's taste in music. Nothing like that.

This is a rant about Transvestites that come to the vintage store I work in.

First off, they have no interest in vintage clothes. They visit our shop because:
1. it is not in a busy area so a little more privacy
2. it's easier to run out of the store and not buy anything
3. I work there and because I look vintage, they think I'm more sympathetic to their obsession.

I want to start by saying that I have nothing against fetishists, or their fetishes. I personally have a few, but they are not the business of some stranger in a shop and I wouldn't subject some poor shopgirl to my fetishes. People's sexuality is their own business, period.

What bothers me about the transvestites that come into the store to try on clothes is that they are PREDATORS. I will explain how they are predators, because I'm certain some people will try to excuse this as harmless, but I know from experience, that they will prey on unwilling people for their own pleasure.

One example of this was when I explicitly told a TV who was trying on clothes that I did not think it was appropriate to view him in the clothes, since for him, the clothes were for a sexual purpose. He still came out of the dressing room with a wig and lipstick on wearing lingerie. He then started to leave the store after, and this was after I had helped him shop and talked to him about his love of woman's clothing for about an hour, without making a purchase!!!!! As he was walking out, I yelled after him, "Don't come back here without buying anything."

Yesterday, another transvestite came in straight up told me he wanted to dress in drag. I was helping him, and had explained that I don't want to see him in the clothes, and if he shows me, I will ask him to leave. I told him of my previous experience and he was sympathetic. When another customer was in the store, I was discrete about his purpose in the store and helped the other customer. After the other customer left, I continued to help him and he went into the dressing room while I helped a couple that walked in. He gave me his selections and told me he would run and get something to eat and would be back when the customers left. He returned to the store about 20 minutes before closing and I had 3 different customers I was helping. I started to ring up his stuff, when I was interrupted by one customer who was trying on jackets. The Transvestite walked out. I ran outside and asked him if he was going to purchase his items, and he just waved his hand and got in his truck.

I realized yesterday, these perverts just want my unwilling attention as part of their fantasy. The fact that I don't give a shit if they like to dress in women's clothes doesn't faze them. They just want my attention. FUCK THEM. If one more comes in, I will tell him it's $200 bucks up front and I will let them show me themselves in the clothes, and they don't have to buy anything.

The truth is, my new policy is men are not allowed to try on women's clothing. They can buy it all they want, but no trying on. Also, no talking to me about it.


59KUSTOM said...

Un-frickin-believable. Good Luck! You've got far more patience with these people than I could ever have.

Dolly Cool Clare said...

I think that is competely fair. After all, you are a shop and you are there to make money and earn a living. You should not have to look at these men parading around your shop in underwear. A 'regular' shop would not allow it, so I don't think you should either!

Rachelle said...

Ugh... what a bunch of pricks. Literally! I agree. You've been patient enough. I think your new $200 up front to try stuff on is a good policy to go by. Thankfully, you won't be working there as much anymore with your new full time job.

Miss Patti Darling said...

I'm a new follower to your blog and when I read this post I just had to comment!!

I used to work in a very popular vintage store in NYC called "Cheap Jacks" me, it was just a cleaver name cuz everything cost a billion dollars.
Anyway....we would get lots of TV's and Drag performers into the shop. The Drag Queens, I never minded although Drag Queens either love me or hate me for some reason.
The TV's I hated. They always looked crazy, the always looked like they were on crazy drugs, they would touch everything even if it looked like it wouldn't ever fit them, they always piled things into the dressing room and then left it all in there and never bought anything. One asked me if I could think of a better method for pressing down his "area" to make it less noticeable in the clothing....seeing as that was the last straw, I told him "cut it off" and walked out of the dressing room area and went on break.
After that I never let men try on ladies clothing, simply using the excuse that since the items were vintage, they were more delicate and couldn't risk being stretched out.

Miss Tayva said...

I, for some reason, get targeted by swingers, a lot.

Not my thing... but I sometimes just wish these people would come right out and say, "Hey, we wanna fuck you! Are you down?"

No, they use the guise of friendship, bbqs and other stuff... hoping they can get you drunk enough 'til you submit.
So them being your friend was all false.

It's the same thing as your situation. They're not being honest, they're being sleazy. Trying to act one way to get something sexual out of it. It's dishonest...!

No flames from me on your opinion... I'm with you 110% percent.

"Cut it off"... hahaha! You rule.

*itsViv* said...

hahaha. im glad you told me about this post. even though it sucks to have to be put in the situation, it's still quite entertaining to hear. I've had to deal with stuff like this before as well.. but I just try to look at it as another story I can tell someday. but good for you for standing your ground!
and thanks again for helping me out at the store yesterday!!! it was nice meeting you =)

The Black Opal said...

Aren't there fetish stores for the men with those needs? Such as women's style clothing in their sizes? I just don't even like the idea of them buying vintage dresses and taking them away from women for whom they are meant.

Rachelle said...

No wonder all of the larger vintage has holes and stress tears!


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