Thursday, July 15, 2010


As I'm trolling through blogs, I notice there are a lot of people giving away stuff when they have 50, 100 or more subscribers/followers. Some of the stuff is pretty cool, but some of it, like ONE chalkware fish, without his buds, would just make me nuts. I would spend days on ebay and scouring vintage and antique stores looking for his mates, and probably have to buy a complete set and then would end up with a double, so basically I would be FORCED to buy a set of chalkware fish. Maybe that's not a bad idea, I need some fish for my upstairs bathroom...

Anyway, I have gone off topic again. Basically, am I supposed to give something away when I reach 50 followers, or is that a marketing ploy used by some bloggers? Will you guys forgive me if I skip the whole give-away thing? I like most of my stuff. I know I should part with some of it (how many band t-shirts do I really need?), but I'm not sure I am ready to take the plunge and start my downsizing by giving something away.

I'm gonna meditate on this whole aspect of the "blogosphere" for a few days, or at least until I have 50 followers. Then I might be able to part with something...maybe the travel box of vintage perm curlers that I will never use? No, wait...I haven't tried a wet set with them yet...argh...this will take time and we might need to call in the therapists from that TLC show, Hoarders, BURIED ALIVE!

I'll let you guys decide...give me 10 comments from different people and I will give something away when I reach 50 followers. Is that fair? If you all ignore me, pft...I'm keeping it all! And to Rachelle: No fair suggesting I give away clothes...not ones that fit me, anyway. 


Tart Deco said...

There is no rule saying you have to have a giveaway at all! I did them for various reasons and I probably won't do one again for a while, also for various reasons.

Trust me, if someone is reading your blog hoping for a giveaway, they don't deserve to win the giveaway anyway.

Andi B. Goode said...

Some people do giveaways, some don't. I like it: 1. as a way to give something back to my readers and 2. to drum up more followers, etc. It may sound just like a marketing ploy, or something, but if I can get more people running my blog, I'm happy. =]
-Andi x

Straight Talking Mama! said...

I wouldn't feel pressured to do a giveaway, certainly I wouldn't give anything of mine away eeek!

I will do one but then I do run a business so I can do a giveaway from my shop, or if I find something when I'm out and about I might give that away. But really I don't think there are any rules. I too like the idea of saying thank you to people for reading, but I don't feel obliged.

If you don't want to do it, don't do it honey!

Lola Devlin said...

Kim, you crack me up. I've never done a giveaway, but maybe I would if I can get get close to 100 or more followers....but I would give away something I have made for the biz and not something from my closet. I love my stuff too much too!!!

Gabriella said...

I just did one (my first) and it went pretty well. It was amazing that I had 100 followers and I wanted to say thanks to the folks who had been following me for a long time. In order to keep it "in the family" I didn't ask people to re-post my giveaway or to become a follower for extra entries or anything like that. The things I gave away were specifically made for that purpose (plus a pattern to keep it sewing-related). Would I do another one? Yes but not for a while. It was pretty nerve-wracking because I was so afraid I'd mess it up somehow. :)

Miss Dollie DeVille said...

I have been throwing around the idea as well, since I am almost at 50 followers. But I too dont have anything I want to get rid of, and if I did, probably no one would want it! ha ha. I did recently win a giveaway and it made me very happy. So, maybe we should do it just to make someone else in blogger land happy!


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