Friday, July 23, 2010

Pin Curls...the sequel

Tried the pin curls again last night and they worked out much better. Less frizz, the back took the curl. I was more careful to make sure each curl had setting lotion instead of putting it on my whole head at the beginning of the setting. I also made sure the back was a little dryer, but moistened it with the setting lotion. The setting lotion helped each curl form and stay together while I pinned it. I think THAT is the secret to good pin curls. For setting lotion, I used Enjoy Quick Setting and Styling Gel.


Gabriella said...

You look gorgeous!! Love the way your curls came out!

The Black Opal said...

Kim, you look stunning!

What works for me is when I wrap about one inch hair section around two fingers instead of one. As a result, the curl is slightly bigger and not frizzy at all. Also, trying to keep the curs the same size is important.

Andi B. Goode said...

Your hair looks great!
-Andi x


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