Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Social Obligations (AKA: FUN)

Since I am going about life as if there isn't a dark cloud looming above us, and operating under the assumption that Frank's cancer has NOT spread (we will get final word after his surgery next week), I have carried on with life, as usual. Here is a little bit of what I've been up to, besides work.

June 1, I went to see Marti Brom at the Verdi Club. I love that venue and I am a huge Marti Brom fan. It was a good time, I got a couple jives in, but I forgot my shoes. these photos are courtesy of my friend Corinna. 

Corinna and I

Corinna and Veronica

Marti and Quarter Mile Combo

Buster trying on my shoes with the help of Teresa...

Thursday, June 7, I had a ticket for JD McPherson at Great American Music Hall....wait let me back up. Wednesday June 6 I received a call from an old friend, Rob Melberg, that he had won 2 tickets to JD McPherson and gave them my name. I had 2 extra tickets for the show and put it out there on Facebook to see if anyone wanted them. I found a taker, and had no problem switching them with the box office. 

I am a JD superfan, and was surprised and thrilled to see Mando Durame playing sax with him. Even more surprised since the dork that I am didn't recognize Mando when he said "hello" to me outside the club. I thought he was somebody local that I just didn't remember because I am older than dirt and I often don't remember people. I worked for Royal Crown Revue several times, selling merch and promoted a couple shows. I felt like a moron not recognizing him, but he wasn't wearing a suit, like every other time I've ever seen him. 

My friend Susan's boyfriend, Ray,  plays keyboards for JD, so it was nice to see him back in town. Susan and he live in Chicago, but Ray used to live in the Bay Area. 

Behold, an abundance of photos from the show:


Made by Lena