Thursday, July 22, 2010

I finally made it...

For the last 2 months, I have wanted to go downtown to the Museum of Quilts and Textiles to see an exhibit they had there. The exhibit was titled Alfred Shaheen, Fabric to Fashion

Yesterday morning, I woke early so I could meet Linda, the owner of Park Place and go see the exhibit. Both of our jaws dropped. There were yards and yards of fabrics hanging from the wall. Linda sews, she is the woman that made my sarong and matching bolero I wore at the Vegas Pool Party this year, and collects vintage fabrics.

The dresses were magnificent and I saw some styles I hadn't seen before. Also, almost every fabric pattern was one that I was not familiar with.

Linda has been in the vintage clothing business for almost 30 years, and used to own a lot of shaheens but sold them over the years. As a collector, I believe she is like me. She collects what she will wear or use, no matter how cute it is. I know other vendors/collectors who collect clothes but don't wear them. These beautiful clothes are hidden away in closets, begging to see the light of day. They want to be admired. I just don't get collecting for the sake of collecting. I started collecting confetti lucite jewelry last year but I wear it! I even wore it to my job interview on Monday (that's why I got the job!).  Linda sells repro clothing as well as vintage, which I appreciate. Whenever someone comes in looking for a "costume" for an event, I always direct them to the repro stuff. It's not fair for a dress to survive 60 years only to be worn as a costume and discarded after.

After work yesterday I went by Time Zone...there were 3 customers in the store who I know. I just love our regular customers over there. They really love vintage and appreciate what they buy. One customer was on her way out and I showed her a few other things she hadn't seen and after a quick try on, she bought them both, on top of her original purchases. I am going to keep working at Time Zone one day a week for as long as I can handle working 6 days. Joanne knew this might happen one day but she is very sad that I will be limited in my involvement at the store. She told me yesterday that I have made the store what it is today. That she had the shell and I came in and gave it substance (with the help of my vintage cartel, Mike). Joanne even got weepy, which really touched me.

This weekend will be busy. Friday night is my buddy Oran's birthday party. I know I will see Lola Devlin there (wwwweeeeee) and I wouldn't miss it for the world! Lots of jiving and good people. Saturday I work during the day, but I will be wearing a hawaiian dress to work because afterwards Rachelle is having a tiki party in her newly decorated Tiki bar. I can't wait...I also work Sunday.

Monday, me and Frank are taking the kids on vacation. We are going to visit my father and grandmother in Las Vegas. The kids haven't gone to Vegas since Viva 2007, so they are excited to see Fremont street and visit Circus Circus. The usual kid stuff, but my daughter is more excited to see the Hoover Dam.

I still have photos from last weekend, and will upload them later today. Tomorrow I go to the new job to meet for orientation. I'm excited!


Rachelle said...

I wish I had the time and energy to go check out the Shaheen exhibit. It sounds amazing! I won't be at Oran's Friday, gotta clean and cook for the party. See ya Saturday!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

That Shaheen exhibition sounds amazing, wish I could see it!

Hell's Belle said...

I'm finally going to see it on Sunday-the time keeps flying by and before I know it, it won't be there anymore! I know it's going to blow me away!

The Black Opal said...

I went and saw the Shaheen exhibition today with my friend and it was so amazing!

I agree about your point that the dresses people collect need to see the day light and not to be stored away for the moth to prey. (it rhymes!)


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