Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Friday Night's Festivities....told you I had a busy weekend!

Friday night was the CD Release party for the Hi-Rhythm Hustlers that I mentioned I was going to last week. I went, got there in time to catch the end of Slim Jenkins. Slim Jenkins was making their Verdi Club debut and I think they may have only played a few gigs. They are a neo swing band in the style of Ray Collins Hot Club or Royal Crown Revue. I was impressed and think they will be getting a lot of gigs locally, and eventually branch out.

I want to thank Aaron Dunmore, my pal, for being so cool and letting me steal his photos. Actually, I didn't ask, but I know he's cool and won't mind. I was carrying a narrow clutch purse that wouldn't fit my camera. It's funny, since I started hanging out with Aaron, I have so many more pictures of myself, because he's a sweetie and always takes my photo. I will one day do a blog of all the photos I have taken with Aaron.

A few photos are from my friend Nadine Morales. Nadine is going away to get her Doctorate, so I won't see her around as much soon.

Here are some photos of Slim Jenkins and Aaron and myself before I started dancing...

Here is another photo of me with Veronica, Christina, and I feel like a douche for not remembering Christina's friend's name. I know I met her at least once before. I have inherited the dreaded CRS disease from my mother...CRS stands for "Can't remember shit."

My favorite jive partner, and the man who taught me how to jive was at the show. My good friend Christian McCuen. I don't think he realized he was creating a monster when he was teaching me, but he's well aware now. If I'm lucky, he'll be at the record hop I'm going to tonight and there will be fewer girls for him to dance with and I'll get more dances. I'm kind of greedy when it comes to dancing with Christian.

During one jive, I actually slipped and fell all the way to the floor!!! The room was packed, but when I surveyed the room afterwards, only one person I know saw, and they didn't even see the fall. When Christian was helping me up, I told him I'd tell everyone that he dropped me, lol. Funny thing was, I saw someone else, a REALLY good dancer, fall in that exact spot, so either it's haunted or there was something slippery on that spot of the dance floor.

Christian Nadine and I...Christian thinks he resembles Richard Nixon here...I disagree. for the after dancing photos! I have made a firm decision that if I'm going to be dancing at the Verdi Club, I am wearing my hair in a pony tail or braids. It's too hot and I get too messy when I wear my hair down and my hair always loses it's curl from me sweating. I know it's not lady-like to sweat, but I am a sweater and I can't hide the fact!

That last photo is with Alisha who writes the "Cool Girls" online website. She reports on fun things she does related to music. I know she gets a press pass to lots of fun stuff, anyone want to send a press pass my way?

Aaron and Justin (singer for Slim Jenkins and manager of Smuggler's Cove Rum Bar) posing for a photo op. I danced with Justin Friday night and thought I was going to have a heart was fun.

Lola Devlin, Teresa and Leigh. Such beautiful ladies!

Cute photo of Nadine and Monica

Finally a photo of the Hi-Rhythm Hustlers...they were the reason I went up to San Francisco Friday night!


Straight Talking Mama! said...

Looks like a fun night! And hey I sweat when I dance too, it means you put your all into it didn't just pose! You look great anyway!

Kim Bombshell said...

Thanks! I will blog about the RCHC/Go Getters show at Verdi soon, my sweat will be on display again for all to admire ;-)

Gabriella said...

Oh man! I wish we could have been there! Looks like it was such a fun night!!!

Kim Bombshell said...

Gaby, I wondered where you were! I think that was the first Verdi Club show I ever went to that I didn't see you at! I miss seeing you weekly at Jay N Bees.


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