Saturday, July 31, 2010

BBH 2010

I've blogged a bit about the history of Booze Broads and Hotrods in a prior post. I talked about years past and 2009 when we made the big jump from a club to a hotel. This year, we went all out and decided we wanted to put on our dream show, which was to book Carlos and the Bandidos.

The Bombshell's philosophy toward our show (this philosophy was started by Rachelle) was to bring music acts to the Bay Area who have never played or haven't played for a very long time. Our main motives are selfish because we want to see the band play and we are the only ones willing to book the show, but also a "thank you" to the San Francisco Rockabilly and hot rod scenes for giving us what we love.

None of us girls profits personally from the show, it all gets re-invested in next year's show. This last year was really the tops, here is the flier:

 The show was scheduled the week after Vegas, and we like having that weekend. There were people who came from LA, and some from England and Spain who had been over for Viva. That is one reason we time it that way. Also, it is a nice way to treat those "post-viva blues" people get after Viva Las Vegas.

I am just going to post pics from the show, and will do a later post about my adventures with Bandidos and how I have forced Neil to be my BFF. 

I will tell the BBH story with photos...lots of photos!
The Giant Tiki built by Notch


Tanoa, who DJ'd the Car Show

People who came to the show:
Chris from London, Jess and E from SF
Dorian and Jess
Moi and friends from LA and Spain:
 Jess and I with my BFF Neil
Yes, we are feeling up his Moobs
My Imaginary Husband looking at a car
Raul, Tanoa and Monica

Mouse showed up
Tanya and Leah working the car show
Japanese Rockers bopping

Bombshells Working Hard! 
Plus Dez our Partygirl-Bombshell helping us out from Chicago
Tanya in a Black and Gold Squaw

Cute Couple Dancing

Rachelle is a Bandido!

One of our Vendors

Now the Bands!!! (and La Cholita)

La Cholita


The Rhythm Shakers

Carlos and the Bandidos!

Here's a few of me working hard...picking up after Cholita and trying to figure out who won the trophies in the car show!

Here's a great video of the car show


Nicole said...

I so wanted to go to this. I really miss living in California and having these events a hop skip and a jump away. Looks like you all had a great time!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

awww the lovely boys, Neil gives the best hugs ever, bless him.

Were their ladies with them? I used to share a flat with Neil's lovely lady Debbie so many years ago it's scary ha ha!

Looks like fun, I'm sure they had fun too!

Kim Bombshell said...

Their ladies didn't come, we paid the flights, etc., and couldn't afford to bring over their wives. I just sent Neil a box with some stuff I found for him, and threw something in there for Debbie since I have claimed Neil as my BFF. You may know my friend Jess? The blond? She used to live with Cosmic Keith and is also friends with Debbie.

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Looks like great fun - you are soooo lucky being in San Fransisco - I love it there and hope to go back someday soon :)

Straight Talking Mama! said...

I didn't know Jess but I was looking at her thinking, mmm do I know her ha ha! So I must have seen her around!

Rachelle said...

Hands down, our show is the best in Northern California.

*itsViv* said...

BBH is my FAVORITE bay area event!!
I loved watching those japanese guys dance too! They were sooo into it.

Little Rascal said...

You're so cute!
You look a bit like Debi Mazar. <3

Looks like a fun night!

Mademoiselle Coco said...

He he ! It looks and sound quite familiar to parties we do in Europ.

The good ol' rockabilly parties !


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