Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Continued...but not completed yet!

Now, Viva was a whirlwind because I was working most of the time I was there. People who knew me complained afterward that every time they saw me, I said "Sorry, can't chat, I gotta go." For people that know me personally, that is very unlike me. I ALWAYS find time to chat!

Booze, Broads and Hotrods was scheduled the week after Viva. It was a big step up for us since we had planned it at a hotel that year, not a night club. We had no idea if it would be a success, or what, but we don't do BBH for success, we do it to have a show that WE want to see! We want to bring bands that have never played or haven't played SF in years, to San Francisco. Hosting it at a hotel made it easier for out of town people and made it easy for all those heavy drinkers that our show attracts.

Our headliner for 2009 was Jack Rabbit Slim from the UK. We were really lucky to book them, since they had only played Vegas in the US. In exchange for them playing, aside from their guarantee, I helped them get a couple shows in LA and made arrangements for them to stay with Rea between Vegas and LA. Since Rea did this favor for me (housing JRS) I need to plug her pomade again...Cockgrease. 

I returned from Vegas on Monday, then Wednesday drove up to Sacramento. This was when the horrible fiasco occurred that I mentioned a couple blogs ago. With all this travelling, packing, unpacking, weddings, shows, Vegas....this final leg of my adventure I forgot to pack underwear! I did not realize this until the morning, but I will explain later how I dealt with this misfortune.

I arrived in Sacramento in the late afternoon and found Bob, Paul and Landon sun bathing in Rea's backyard. Darren who was married to his lovely wife Kim, in Vegas, was honeymooning and made arrangements to meet everyone at the shows they were booked at.

We snapped a few photos of the guys in Rea's "Cock" car, which is also for sale right now for $3200. It's a 49 Chevy, 3 on the floor I think and runs great with new breaks.

That night I took the boys to see Wanda Jackson playing at a small bar called Old Ironsides. It was really a treat since they had only ever seen Wanda play a large festival. This bar holds a max of about 130 people, and we were squished in there. She was amazing, as usual and we got some pics with her afterwards.

Then next day we got up bright and early and headed out. Between my smoking, driving and bathroom breaks, I think I drove the guys a little nuts. When we arrived in SoCal, I needed to stop at Kim's house and she met the guys and gave them all CDs. I snapped this great photo a block from Kim's house. We all joked how Darren was going to be photoshopped into all the pics we were taking.

Wouldn't Darren fit in nicely between Paul and Bob?

We stopped for a bite before heading down to Lucky's house in Long Beach where I was staying and close to where their show was at the Puka Bar. Here's a couple pics of the show that night. I had a blast, Rockin Ryan also played with Rip Carson and Rory Justice.

I'll explain how I handled the forgotten knickers part of this story. For this first day, I had a panty girdle I wore...I wanted to stop at Walmart on our way to LA but I kept worrying about time since I knew we needed to stop at Kim's house, and LA traffic on the Westside is horrible.

After the show, the guys went to Bob's cousin's house and I went to Lucky's to sleep. I had to be up early because I needed to race back to Northern California to pick up Kim and the guys at the airport! They were playing in Oakland the night before BBH.

After picking up Kim, Nick, and Victor who was playing bass for them, and taking them to their hotel, I went over the bridge and Bay to check into the hotel for BBH which was the next day. I had to get ready for Kim's show quickly, think I wore jeans since I still had no underwear but the pair I wore 2 days before! I returned to take Kim and the band to the club they were playing, and then picked up Scotty. I was then at the club for the rest of the night selling merch. Kim put on a rockin' show, and we went on a quest for food after the show. I finally got back to the hotel at 3:30 or 4 AM and got a few hours of sleep before waking up for BBH.

Wow, so much to write, but I will continue this saga and write about BBH 2009 in my next blog....I have to get ready for my last Tuesday at Time Zone, *sniff*


Straight Talking Mama! said...

sounds like such a busy but very fun time!

Andi B. Goode said...

Sounds like fun! I got to see Wanda in a small venue not too long ago. It was amazing.
-Andi x


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