Sunday, July 11, 2010

Viva day 3...

Honestly, I don't remember much about Friday, day. I think Jessica and I slept in, did a little shopping, ate, etc. I do remember that I had a hair appointment around 5 or 6 and needed to be in my room for it.

Every year in Vegas I get my hair done by the same person. Her name is Maryah and she calls herself "Sweet and Dandy" hair. You can check out her myspace page HERE . I first met Maryah through friendster, I believe back in 2003. She was looking for someone to give a bleach job to in order to complete her cosmetology hours. I was going to be in southern California, so I took her up on her offer. I was a platinum blond at the time and she did my roots so well and gave me the best, purist platinum I ever had.

We always kept in touch and we have a lot of mutual friends. When she started offering up dos in Vegas a few years ago, I had to take advantage of her skills. Here is a picture of the great updo she gave me Friday night in Vegas:

I had Rhinestone dress clips, earrings, and accents on my vintage purse and shoes, so Maryah added some rhinestone bobby pins to add a little bling. I wish you could see them in the photo. I have another more close up photo, but you can't see them too well here, either.
Jess and I had sent out a memo that Friday was "Teal" day...Sweetpea and DeeJay Jeff got it, but Patti misunderstood and was a little off....

Jess, Jeff, Patti, Sweetpea and I on Friday night:

Friday night my hubby was flying in. I call him my "imaginary husband" because he doesn't always go out with me. Although he likes and appreciates rockabilly, it takes someone he really loves, to get him to put on a nice shirt and venture out of the house if he doesn't have to.

Frank's flight came in about 10:00, and I was completely torn about a couple of things...1. do I watch the Wild showcase to see the Caezars again, or watch Marti Brom. Well, I had just seen Marti twice the week before, I opted for the Caezars. Marti is one of my FAVORITE female rockabilly singers. I just love her voice and can listen to her all day long, and sometimes I do, hehe. Here is her myspace: 

As soon as the Caezars were finished, I had to run out and pick up Frank. He had sent a text and I hadn't seen it while watching the Caezars.

This is where my photo documentation gets sketchy...after Frank got to Vegas, I wasn't glued to Jessica and she's the one with the camera, hehe. In fact, I can't find one photo of Frank and I in Vegas or myself on Saturday night in my Saturday night outfit. Viva 2010 was another opportunity for Frank to live up to his title of  "Imaginary Husband."

After picking up Frank and he settled into the hotel room, we went to get some food. We ate with Jessica and a really fun English guy we'd met named Pete. He was hilarious and told many an interesting story. This is Pete:

After we ate, Frank needed some new shoes so we visited Remix and then went upstairs to our room for some relaxation. I forgot to mention that Frank and I got our own room, and luckily they put it right next to Jessica's so I didn't have to move my stuff far. Frank got so relaxed he fell asleep (He had worked that day) so I put on some trousers and went downstairs to hit the hops. This is my good friends Lucky from Long Beach and Jutta from Berlin:
Went to bed about 4 or 4:30...pretty early by Viva standards.



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