Sunday, February 26, 2012

My big news...

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I had some big news about my "dream job."
Drum roll, please....

I am the new manager of La Rosa Vintage on Haight Street in San Francisco.

My friend Oran has vacated the position he held for 10 years, as manager of LaRosa, to open his own shop. I never dreamed I would be hired, or even thought about applying for the position, until a few weeks ago. Let me tell you how it all happened....

During my trip to Southern California, my friend John was selling at the Rosebowl Flea and told me that the owner of La Rosa, Werner had asked him if he could recommend a replacement for Oran. John told me he wanted to recommend me. I was flattered but thought about the commute and the fact that I work very close to the skate park. After some meditation, I left it to "Fate." If it was where I needed to be, it would happen.

When I returned to work on Monday, the computers were down and my boss sent me home. By the end of the day they were not working and she told me not to come in on Tuesday. That is 2 days without being able to work without pay. I decided to email Werner and also gave Oran a quick call about the position. He told me I would be great and gave the company a good recommendation. 

By Friday, the computers were still not working and so I scheduled an interview. Werner and I hit it off. He liked my experience, maturity, and vintage knowledge. This is a full time position, with regular pay, not trade. 

I was so happy when I worked at Time Zone. The opportunity to wake up knowing I will be doing something I love, is my biggest motivator. There is nothing I love more than to help someone find the perfect vintage ensemble, and La Rosa is filled with so many beautiful things. 

Here is an article and a blog written about La Rosa:

Here are some pics I found online. I will post my own pics of the shop in the coming weeks:

Saturday, February 25, 2012


I gotta throw it out there.

DeWeese cotton sundresses....$100-$250!?!?!?

First of all...the style of sundress I am complaining about was manufactured for at least 20 years, maybe longer. There are a LOT of them out there. They are not rare. I have one that I picked up for about $18 last year in an ebay auction.Now, I suddenly begin to see these dresses sit on ebay buy it now and etsy for months and months because the sellers clearly don't know the market, or their product.  Maybe one of these common dresses sold at an inflated price once upon a time. A perfect vintage DeWeese sundress, with a sought after color pattern, MIGHT be worth $75 at the VERY most. An ordinary one, with ugly colors, should not be sold over $100. That is stupid for the person who buys it and greedy for the seller.

Girls, do your research before you pay too much for an ordinary vintage piece. Don't let greedy sellers get away with it.

This dress is for sale on Etsy for $250. UN-FING BELIEVABLE


Familiar faces....

Someone posted this movie trailer on my facebook page the other day. I had to do a double take and watch it a few times because I saw a familiar face!

One of the delinquents in this movie is Morris Everett, aka, Little Mo' from Little Mo and the Dynaflos.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hello again...

Some of you may have missed me. Some of you may have forgotten I ever existed...regardless, I am still here, although I have not had much time or felt the inclination to blog lately. 

Since the fall, I have spent a majority of my time and energy into my son's skateboarding. I became involved in a parent group that saved our big skate park from city budget cuts. You can read some of our press in the local paper, the bay area news channels and even ESPN. 

ESPN article
TV coverage
Print coverage

I even went and spoke to the city council about how my son's life has improved since he started to skate at Lake Cunningham.

Anywho...we won the battle and a lot of charities have stepped up to help support the skate park. 

Now for some personal details...

I have still been planning Booze Broads and Hotrods with the Bombshells. We have a big announcement to make soon, and it is exciting! I am planning on going to Viva and I went to Long Beach to attend the Inspiration show on the Queen Mary and the Rose Bowl Flea. I forgot that Alameda is better for clothes than Rose Bowl, but I digress. I bought a great Cowichan sweater from my buddy Lloyd and had a good visit with my friend Lucky in Long Beach. I also got to hang out with Dorian and Mike at the Rose Bowl. 

Here's a few photos:

Lucky and I

Mike with his tiger sweater and me with my dog (I tell myself it's a wolf)

Micah, Jim, Me and Dorian

I have some more big news, but I will wait until next week to announce it. A few of my good friends know, but let's say that I have landed my dream job! 

Cheers until next time...I swear I won't stay away so long again.


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