Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The music...

OK, I want to start off by saying this isn't a rant or anything. I am trying to understand the people who like vintage hair, make up, clothing, cars, yet don't like the music? This is such a bizarre thing to me. When I examine the phenomenon, I am trying not to judge (those that know me personally know that I am judging while trying not to judge). Whether I judge or not, my outlook on the situation may be tainted by my punk rock roots that if you dress the part, you must like the music. If you don't like the music you are a poseur. I'm not saying that is true to vintage lifestyle enthusiasts who are not into Rockabilly or Swng music, but it seems that modern pop music would clash in a home filled with Heywood-Wakefield. As for people who love the music and don't dress the part...I applaud you. You really do love the music and in my opinion, the music is the most important thing.

I want to give my analysis of this phenomenon.

Reasons people like vintage clothes, make up, cars but don't give a fig about the music:

1. The internet...there are so many outlets on the internet to be exposed to just the visual aspects of mid-century aesthetic yet not enough about how a lot of the people who are posting photos of their mid-century homes and clothes discovered it.

2. They just haven't been exposed to the music. Without hearing how amazing and pure Rockabilly, early R&B, and old country is, you will never appreciate it. That is just some kind of physics law, or something like that. I hope that if my blog gains followers they will begin to know.

3. The pin up phenomenon that gives no credit to rockabilly music. I said this is not a rant, so I am not going to dis the pin up thing, and there are some cool people that are into it. I just wish the pin ups in my area would support more rockabilly music events.

4. Pop artists like Katie Perry and Christina Aguilar mimic the style but don't perform the music so some girls just mimic the pop artists.

One thing I have to say, is I noticed this to be strictly a female thing. You don't see many guys walking around in fleck jackets and gabardine who aren't into the music.

Maybe this did turn into a rant, and I'm sorry! I don't want to be negative, but I warn you in my profile that I will throw out some opinion to make my blog interesting.


Miss Tayva said...

Reminds me of a certain vintage clothing dealer who literally has some of the best stuff out there... and also happens to hang out at techno clubs.

I find it weird, too... and yes, back when I was a youngster, we called those poseurs, too.

Oh well. They're missing out. It's some of the best music in the world!

Lindsay said...

Your observations ring true. I have also seen it.

Miss Dollie DeVille said...

Soooooo true! This is a huge peev of mine as well. At first people think I am just in it for the fashion and such, but then they get to know me and realize that the music is my life and my number one priority above all else. ha ha.


he he he

Lola Devlin said...

Kim! ha! this made me laugh because I have had this same discussion with some friends as well....and the answer is they are the posers! all of em. Lifestyle STARTS with MUSIC thank you very much. xx

Hell's Belle said...

Kim, you definitely brought up some good points but I don't think music always dictates the lifestyle you're going to live and vice versa. I was made fun of in HS for wearing vintage 40's dresses to dances and used to beg my mom to take me thrift store shopping for 50's pink pottery before I could drive-this, all before I even knew what rockabilly music was. All I knew is I loved the 50's/vintage/mid-century asthetic, whether it was cars, clothes, or decor. Once the first Viva Las Vegas was held, I realized there were other people out there like me PLUS there was all this great music to be discovered. I had been raised on punk and new wave and didn't really know much about rockabilly music . I absolutely appreciate it now of course and very much enjoy it, but it was definitely not what intially dictated my love of everything else.

Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

Thanks for stopping over and leaving me your blog link.

Interesting points you've made.
For me, I've never considered myself anything exactly...I like stuff, and vintage and rockabilly are just a few things. If someone wants to label me a certain way, that's on them. I've been living the way I live for a really long time, it's not going to change. Some where over the years the way I choose to live has now become "cool" to some people. These are probably the same type of people who thought I was weird the year before but now are jealous of all my stuff...that I've been collecting all these years! In a few years, they'll move onto the next hot fad and I'll be picking up the things that they paid way to much money for at yard sales and thrift stores for cheap! And of course, they'll go back to calling me weird again! :)


Kim Bombshell said...

Hi Mary...I like your attitude! That's right, ride out the trend and reap the benefits when the trendies are gone. You are a lifer, and I like that!

Vanessa, Hell's Belle's, you are a cool chick no matter what music you listen to. You at least like rockabilly and go out to shows and car shows.


I don't care about the outfit, in fact it's not important, this vintage fashion is so boring ... i agree music in first, and in second home decoration : )

Of course, if all the "Pin up myspace my" will came at gigs, may be the scene will be more big but with more poseur inside ha ha ha ha ha !!!! :)but may be in the middle of the crowd, new enthousiasts could appear !

Since years, i saw the same rockabilly girlz as flower pot, sit during all the gigs to keep their hairstyle in a nice shape. They don't have fun, and probably didn't know why they are here except to pose and be popular. It's funny too, when new rockabilly girlz watch you with neglect because you want to dance and wear comfy clothes... More funny when you never saw this girlz at any gigs and under their vintage dress you could see nice "techno tribe tattoo !!!
That's make me smile i don't paid attention. I know why i'm involved in this scene and why i refused to wear its name.

The pin up phenomon catch guys too. My ex fella who has never listen to rockabilly got the perfect look !!! I don't comprehend why, when i offer him music, he said that it wasn't good discs, that my presents were zero blah blah ... When i listen my presents, i only want to scream, jump and dance and found the music wonderfull and congratulate myself for my taste and good choice ah ha ha ha. It's difficult to understand it, but most people doesn't like this music ! But who cares, this fashionnistas missed something great. There tons of afficionnados trought the world wich we could share our passion.

But of course when i saw these "katty Perry" or "Paloma Faith", i want to take my colt 45 !! ha ha ha ha ha

Kim Bombshell said...

I am so glad that I'm not the only one that feels this way, although I am not condoning the gun part. I don't want to be too negative in my blog because I do want new people to get into rockabilly, but I know for every 20 girls, there might be 1 that is still around in 2 years. That's what it is like here, at least.


This is an expression ! I'm french it's an image. I forget that in USA when someone said it, he does it ! ;)
Anyway, thanks to Dame Deluxe to post about your lovely blog !



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