Monday, August 30, 2010

Upcoming shows and events I'm going to! 

Hopefully I'll have a new camera in a few weeks. This "vintage" digital camera I have just takes aweful pics!

Also the Bombshell Bop!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Some stuff I got

I picked up this Holoku at the shop I work at...I got it for working yesterday

I feel like Jessica Rabbit in it!

1950s Angora Sweater

 Glen or Glenda? This Black 50s Angora sweater screams  "Ed Wood Fetish"

The other day Viv over at "Vivvi.Deluxxe" posted about the vintage Chrome and Formica 1950s dinette set she picked up. I was very envious because my formica table was gray cracked ice, and instead of chrome around the edge of the table, there was bright yellow formica. I had pink repro chairs so basically, I had a junkie mismatched set. Also, with yellow walls, the yellow clashed. 

One of the benefits of working at Time Zone is that people will come in offering to sell vintage. If my boss isn't interested, I can buy it if I want. Well, yesterday, for $60 bucks, I picked up this! It's the perfect size for our tiny kitchen. When we eat together we usually eat in the dining room, but this is perfect for the kids to have breakfast at. 

Meet the baby of the family...

This is our new baby...I know I mentioned taking pictures in my new clothes, but I got sidetracked, and this time it was not ADD induced.

I did not foresee getting a  chihuahua today, it just never occurred to me. In fact, it had never really occurred to me at all that I might one day be the proud mommy of a chihuahua. Today, at a friend's family BBQ, her cousin was holding this little guy. His name is Thumper, by the way, and I fell in love. The moment he licked my nose, I was smitten. I couldn't believe it when they offered him to me. They had rescued him from an abusive environment, but were expecting twins soon, as well as had another dog. Today just happened to be my lucky day. Imaginary Husband was a little miffed, but he does love me and knew I would pout and not put out tonight if I couldn't have him.

Viva La Thumper!

A conversation with my husband

Me: I want to tell you what I want to do today. I want to clean the dining room and then I want you to take some pictures of me in my new clothes.

Imaginary Husband: OK? Why?

Me: It's for my blog, do you think I'm lame?

Imaginary Husband: Yeah, but I'll do it anyway.

I love him

Friday, August 27, 2010

Time Zone is having a sidewalk sale!

I know that a lot of my visitors are from out of the area, but, if you happen to be in Northern California, you should come by Time Zone tomorrow for our huge sidewalk sale +20% off everything in the store. That includes EVERYTHING (even the lucite purses!). Hope to see some of you there (Viv!)

Time Zone Vintage
1045 Park Avenue
San Jose CA 95126

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pass the popcorn...

For those of you that missed it, there was quite a bit of drama and craziness over at the The Rockabilly Socialite. Nicole made the rookie error of speaking her opinion and naming names regarding the whole pin up thing. For all those frothing at the mouth over this silly little rant that hardly seemed like a rant, take a gander and what another well known former pin up model has to say in this blog 

I like both these women. I agree with some of what they say. Would I ever post anything as boldly as they have? The answer is NO.

I have some opinions about people, places, genres and subcultures that I keep to myself. First, I don't like to slag people off. Second, I think it only makes me look bad to publicly be negative, even if that is what I'm thinking. Basically, it's bad manners and unladylike. It doesn't mean I won't make a catty remark to good friends, but that is because good friends often think alike. One other reason is because there are probably a lot of people out there who don't GET ME. Don't understand my love of vintage, rockabilly music, and mid-century decor. I know for a fact my 12 year old daughter thinks I'm a dork. Hey, she's entitled since she lives with me and the truth is I AM A BIG DORK.

Like in my blog about vintage style lovers who don't like the music, basically I don't understand them. Just like I don't really understand the pin up modeling thing. That is all I will say on the subject, since I don't want my blog to become a battleground like Nicole's has.

I was reminded today of this very wise quote:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Post snood!

I promised I'd add pics of the post snood hair, and these are the ones I came up with. I had used that trick last year when Royal Crown Revue played in San Jose for the Winter Ball. I was busy during the day at a Bombshell's meeting and since I was working for RCR selling merch, I had to be there early to set up. No time to properly get ready so I used the snood trick during the day and had fabulous curls all night!

Here's a few more:

All three of those photos were taken towards the end of the night. 
(The dress I am wearing in these photos is a  Whirlingturban )

Snoods do more than look cute!

I want to apologize up front for there not being photos. I will try to add some tonight when I am at home, but since I am on my lunch break at my job, I have no access to photos.

After reading the blog, Betty's vintage musings, where she talks about her new snood, it reminded me that the only time I wear a snood is during the day when I'm going out in the evening. For me, I use a snood to help ensure my hair won't go limp and lose it's curl while I'm out dancing. Here is a brief descriptive tutorial:

Set your hair with hot rollers, spraying each piece with Redken's Thermal Setting Mist.

After removing rollers, DO NOT BRUSH. If you are styling the front bangs, or doing a front or side roll, you may style that, but do not brush out the curls you expect to leave down. Place the snood over the unbrushed curls and leave on all day. Before you leave to go out, remove the snood, brush the curls and enjoy a curl that lasts all evening.

This is a very useful tip when you have a busy day with activities and won't have time to properly prepare yourself for the evening.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Doing the unthinkable...look what I got!

OK...I started this blog to chronicle my social life. I had seen so many blogs related to hair, make-up, clothes, and decor, but not so many about having fun when you are immersed in a "vintage lifestyle." Like I stated in a previous post, I don't get people who are into vintage lifestyle but don't like the music. I understand not being totally into the rockabilly or swing "scene" but you gotta love the music!

I am about to do something I swore I wouldn't do, but since this is the Kim Show, and my friends are sick of hearing me brag about some new vintage piece I got (working at the vintage store, they heard that A LOT over the last year) I only have you, my fellow bloggers and lurkers, to brag to.


I will give you a little background on this dress. First, it's silk, not cotton. Second, I tried this dress on in April when I was at Viva. It fit me perfectly. I wanted it so bad, but it cost too darn much!!! Well, I was trolling Etsy, and couldn't believe my eyes when I found it! Even better, it was priced half what it was at Viva (I think if I remember correctly...or it could be $50 less, either way it was LESS!). I paid for it Friday and I'm still waiting to hear when it ships...I will definitely post pics when it comes.

Here's a few more!

Queen of the House...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Up to her old tricks...

If you missed me and my rambling blogs, then you're in luck tonight. I am taking some time out from hustling the kids into their "back to school" schedules to blog about my weekend, and maybe a little more.

The new job is going well, I like having money again (or maybe just not feeling so strapped all the time!) and I'm still at the vintage shop one day a week...that means working 6 days a week which can really cut into a girls night life! Last I wrote, I think I mentioned Frank and my 15th wedding anniversary. We had a great dinner and like he does every year since we were married, he sent our wedding flowers to my work.

While we are at's a picture of me at my new work

Last weekend I hit a couple of car shows, but didn't take any pictures. I was a bad social blogger. This weekend, I actually took photos since I had the pleasure of seeing The Lucky Stars perform at the Verdi Club in San Francisco.
After working at the shop, and picking up a new Mexican circle skirt and angora sweater from the shop, I headed over to Rachelle's house to ride up with her and Josh. She's now almost 4 months pregnant, but was still able to fit into her cute vintage gingham dress.
Rachelle and Josh at the Verdi
Leah, another Bombshell met us at the show
The show was at the Verdi club, and I just love that venue. The dance floor is great, the sound is good in my opinion, and despite the abundance of Lindy Hoppers, there are enough jivers to get a few jives in and the DJs that spin there are always tops. Last night the DJ was Rockin' Raul Castro, singer for the Hi Rhythm Hustlers and winner of the VLV 2009 Jive Contest.
Me dancing in my new skirt with Rockin' Raul Castro

My good friend Dorian was there. She looked adorable in her fringe skirted dress, cowboy boots and cowboy hat.

Dorian is dating Eric Reedy, the bass player for the B-Stars. I took this cute pic of them:

Some more pics of Dorian and I

The B-Stars were the first band to go on, and as usual, they delivered a flawless set

Eric on Bass

Next up were the Lucky Stars. They put on a great performance and the dance floor was packed the whole time. All in all it was a fabulous night!

The Lucky Stars

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho....

This is week 2 of my new job. It feels good to be back in the workforce and it also feels good that the financial pressures will be lifted a bit.

I laid low last weekend. I still haven't given up my position at Time Zone and worked on Saturday. That was a six day work week, and I don't think I've done that since 1994. I know I will eventually have to let it go, but I love having the hook up to great clothes and other goodies. I know when good stuff comes in and I usually get a price break on some of it. Consignors will often sell to me for less, and many times my boss gifts me things. I will miss it, but the reality is that it was a "play" job. I didn't feel like I was working. I had a lot of joy helping people find the right vintage outfit and help girls find a great dress that fit them just right. The big difference is that I just didn't make enough money. I make more in a week at my new job than I did in a month at my old job.

Thursday is Frank and my 15th wedding anniversary. Not sure how we are going to celebrate, and since I work now, I don't want to be out late.

I may go to Verdi Club tonight (I know, it's a work night!) but it is Lola Devlin's birthday and Carl Sonny Leyland is playing. I'll bring my camera to work, just in case I go.

When I get in the groove of working, you will hear more from me again.

Bombshell's Bop

The club I belong to, the Bombshells is planning a big show on October 9! It will be held at the Historic 23 Club (Formerly DeMarco's 23 Club) in Brisbane.

I hope you local people can make it out! It also happens to be on my birthday, and I can't think of a better way to celebrate than with rockin' music and my good friends.

You can check out the bands playing here:

Dale Rocka and the Volcanoes

Arsen Roulette


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Adventures with Bandidos

Being one of the Hostesses of our show, and the person who negotiates with the bands, the duty of meeting the band when their flight comes in and making sure they get checked into their hotel, etc., falls on me. Not that I mind, rockabilly musicians are usually fun people who like to have a laugh, and I'm always up for a laugh...even at my expense.

One of the stipulations of the contract was that they were to arrive on Thursday and have Friday to rest before the show on Saturday. Paul had different travel arrangements, due to family issues, and Roger wasn't able to make the show due to impending nuptials The Bandidos hired Bobby Trimble to fill in for Roger. So, with those changes, it was just Malcolm, Neil and Carlos arriving at SFO.

Malcolm and Neil arrived first, after a bit of a delay. First thing when they arrived they asked where they could smoke. I was very grateful that they were smokers since at the time I had a 2 pack a day habit. My journey to quitting is going to be for another blog.

I had spoken to Malcolm on the phone but had never met him. I had seen them in Vegas a few years ago, but didn't get the chance to talk to them, so the airport was our first meeting. I had helped them by picking up their merchandise for the show at Viva Las Vegas, and had them ship their new CDs to sell at the show to me so they would avoid customs issues. They were very sweet and thanked me personally in their new CD notes. That was a very unexpected surprise...ok, back to the story...

As I said, Neil and Malcolm arrived first, and about 45 minutes later, Carlos arrived. We made a stop at In-N-Out Burger on the way to the hotel. Seems most people that don't have In-N-Out in their towns have to go there when they visit California, or anywhere else there is an In-N-Out. After the burgers, I took them to the hotels and informed them I was there at their disposal if they wanted to go out that evening, which of course they did. I suggested Forbidden Island Tiki Bar in Alameda, and the plan was, they would rest up for 2 hours and I'd meet them in the lobby.

I lived about 40 minutes drive from their hotel, and knew it was pointless to go home before meeting them. I thought about visiting my friend Jess at her work, but after a couple phone calls I had to return, I realized I didn't have time for that. One hour before we were supposed to meet up, I was wandering around the lobby waiting. In the brief time I had to get acquainted with everyone before we went to the hotel, I had surmised that Neil was probably sitting in his room watching shitty TV. I picked up the house phone, called his room, and sure enough...I could hear the TV on in the background and he was awake. He was also up for coming downstairs and having a cigarette ("tabs" he called them...that is northern English slang and we decided in SF he couldn't call them "fags") and hanging out in the bar with me to keep me company. I think that was when I decided that I would force BFF status on him.

We were joined by the other Bandidos that were stateside and headed over the bridge to Forbidden Island. Jess (or "Jezza" as Neil fondly calls her) met us at the Bar. Neil knew Jessica from her time living in London.

Here are some pics from that first night:

Malcolm, Carlos and I

Neil and "Jezza" 
Carlos and I at Forbidden Island
After a night at Forbidden Island, I made grandiose plans to pick up Neil and Carlos at 9 AM and take them site seeing in San Francisco. Obviously, 9:00 meant 10:30 with a 45 minute drive from home, after being out until 2 AM.  Malcolm had been to SF a few times, so he took a pass. Malcolm wanted to meet Paul's flight and visit his friend Patti. Tanya came along with me since she grew up in SF and would be a good tour guide. 

The boys at the Bridge

 Carlos in front of the birth place of Bruce Lee

I fell asleep on the way back to the hotel...a 10 minute drive. I wasn't quite recovered from Viva Las Vegas yet, and the late night...who am I kidding, I'm just old and fall asleep at improper times leaving myself open to having myself photographed while drooling.
Friday night was the BBH "Pre-party" Record Hop at the hotel. Neil  was my "tab" buddy all night. Every 45 minutes or so, we'd look at each other and know it was time for a "tab."

Saturday was a very busy day, as you know from my prior post. I'll skip to Sunday, when Tanya and I took Neil and Carlos to Alcatraz. 

It was raining horribly that day. I blame Neil...he brought the shitty weather from England. Here's some snapshots of Alcatraz:

This is a faux background disguising the pouring rain which you can see on Neil's shirt...this photo made us laugh so hard...Neil looks like he's snuck into our photo and Carlos looks like a cutout of himself

 Guess where they are?

 After a wet afternoon at Alcatraz, we hit Mel's diner and then Forbidden Island again. There was a Zombie party going on, we all had turns being eaten alive by the walking dead. Jess came out and met us again, as did Malcolm's good friend Steve.

Jezza and the Neilster
Steve being eaten by a Zombie
Tanya, Neil and Jess
The dollar bills stuck the ceiling are a tradition started during WW2. Outgoing sailors and soldiers would stick a dollar bill with their name and date on it for luck. It signified that they would be returning from war and when they did they would have money for their first drink.

Neil got a little grogged out

Tuesday after the show, Neil and Malcy came down to San Jose to visit some record shops and visit me at work. It was really great to see them again, and Tanya, Rachelle, and their hubbys joined us for dinner.

Neil and I outside of Time Zone vintage:
We picked a winner when we went to dinner at the Hukilau
The boys had a little bad luck the day they were supposed to leave. The Icelandic Volcano erupted and they were all stranded here for 6 days! It was horrible for them, but I did get to visit with them at their hotel (prison). They finally made it home, and Neil and I have kept up our friendship via facebook and the great packages he sends with music and other goodies. I found a rare tiki mug and some other junk I've sent him. I hope to visit and meet his lovely wife if and when I get to go the Rave (hopefully next year!)

If you haven't heard Carlos and the Bandidos, please check out their page! There are more pictures of their trip here and you can hear their music: Carlos and the Bandidos

Shameless Plug for Jack Rabbit Slim

One of my favorite bands! Check out their new promo Video:


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