Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My somewhat belated New Year's post...

I had some grandiose plans to chronicle my New Year's Eve with all of you, but ditz that I am, misplaced my camera in my car before Frank and I went out. I will share with you the few photos I stole from DJ Oakie Oran and the ones I took in preparation for going out.

Our original plans had been to attend a New Year's Eve party at Rachelle (La Dolce Vida) and Josh's house. It was going to be a bacon party, where all the food was to have bacon in it (even deserts and cocktails!) but if you go read her blog, you will see poor Josh broke his ankle and required surgery. Since those plans were nixed, Frank and I decided to attend the New Year's celebration at the Friday Night Record Hop at Retox in San Francisco.

I had set my alarm, but my procrastination made me late to my nail appointment, so I had to reschedule for later in the day after my hair appointment. My friend, and fellow Bombshell, Monica is a hair dresser and fit me in for an updo.

Monica at her station at Shampoo Dolls in San Jose
 Me before the updo
  My hair after

 Next a mani and pedi...like my corny toes?

I had bought a beautiful Suzy Perette dress from Millhouse Vintage to wear, and it is so sad that I have no full length pics in it. My friend Veronica snapped a few, but she hasn't posted them yet. I will post some of the photos Oran took. Since I had the beautiful dress, I didn't want to go to dinner for fear of it not fitting!

Frank and Veronica, plus the rest of the gang

The one pic of me, pouring champagne

I have many resolutions this year, and will start off saying I will update this blog more regularly! I will get that 10 pounds off, and then push onto my goal weight before I go to England, and keep up my weight loss blog. I will be certain to document all the fun stuff I do and share it with you.

Hope you all had a great New Year's too!


Anonymous said...

Hello kim !!!

Love the last pic ! Wow so sexy !!!

I've the same goal, lost my last 10 pounds and go in England for the Rockabilly Rave (80% sure :) Hope see you there :)

I wish you a very very happy new year full of music and love.


Dolly Cool Clare said...

Your up-doo looks amazing! And that necklace you are wearing looks lovely too - bakelite I presume? What a great new year you had!

Kim said...

The necklace is some sort of imitation celluloid, repro. I love it anyway.

Olivia, we will meet at the Rave, I'm sure of it!

Rachelle said...

Monica did a great job on your hair!!

Sarsaparilla said...

Your updo is so incredible - you look gorgeous!

So you wanna lose 10 pounds too, huh? You, me and almost every other woman I know...

Happy New Year! (a little late)


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