Monday, July 19, 2010

BBH 2009 and my very busy April that year.

Before I can adequately tell you all about BBH 2009, which occurred on April 18, 2009, I need to back it up to April 2, 2009. Everything that happened from that day, onward lead up to the disaster that befell me the weekend of BBH.

On April 2, 2009, I found myself at the international terminal at SFO Airport. I was already very familiar with that terminal, but we can save that for another blog. I was waiting for the arrival of the Go Getters from Sweden. They were playing Viva Las Vegas, but I had booked them at the Blank Club in San Jose and then Rea had booked them in Sacramento. Rea was also getting married April 5, and the Go Getters were playing her wedding and would ride out to Viva with Rea, her new husband in one of his cars (the Merc, I think).

Once the guys arrived, they were not ready for me to take them where they were staying for 2 nights, they were ready to mix and mingle at some bars, so I took them to 80s night at the Blank (I wanted them to see the club) and we visited Caravan, since it's one block away. After a few beers, it was 2 AM and I took them over to Julie and Randy's home in Santa Cruz to visit and to stay.

Friday night was a great show, good turn out, the club made money and it was one of the rare occasions I made money, too. All in all it was a great show, and oh yeah, just remember my friend Kristina flew in from Utah to see the show...haha...I forgot! I had her stay at Julie's too, since my kids would have disturbed her sleep. Randy and Julie's house is much larger than mine.

Saturday, after hanging out until 430 AM and not getting to sleep until 5 AM, I had to pick up the guys and take them to Sacramento. Sacramento is about a 2 hour drive. We had a fun drive with them doing some annoying Swedish singing, and arrived at Rea's. She had a full house. The best man from Germany, a couple of German houseguests, the Go Getters and me. Rea had gotten a hotel room for herself that night to stay at before and after her wedding.

Saturday's show was fun. There was a fubar, but I don't need to mention it here, because the wedding the next day was spectacular! Here's a couple pics:
With the other bridesmaids (did I mention I was a bridesmaid?) and Mike the best man:

Here is a great photo of Rea with Peter from the Go Getters and Gary from the Chop Tops
Great picture of the Bride and Groom
The IH (Imaginary Husband) drove up and met me at the wedding. The Bombshells were all there and it was really a great fact, I think the IH got a ride with some of the Bombshells and rode home with me. It was a great wedding and a great time.

This will be continued....much more to come!



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