Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pin curl results and last wooo hoooo

Last night I was feeling inspired after reading that Vintage Hairstyles (second edition) while I was working at Park Place. My friend Chase recently gave me this box of vintage perming and coloring supplies

Inside the box was a full package of single prong pin curl clips so following the instructions from the book I set my hair, reversing the direction of the pin curls and doing two rows deep around the edge of my face and the nape of my neck.

The back didn't fully dry, I think and didn't take much of the curl, but the front dried. It had a bit of frizz, so I need to practice more and think I will try sponge rollers in the back with pin curls in front. This are the results:
Sorry, I'm squinting...This one I'm not squinting but I'm not sure if you can see my hair as well
Maybe the results will be better tomorrow.

Here are some photos from last weekend's car show "Night of the Hot Rods" in Antioch.


Straight Talking Mama! said...

I can't wet set my hair ever anyway, even if I do pin curls, it has to be dry set with setting loation, my hair is just too stupidly thick to ever dry on a wet set.

The front set well though didn't it?

Gabriella said...

Love how glossy the front looks! Pin curls are one of those things I just can't seem to master. Love my Hot Sticks, tho.

Rachelle said...

Eh, it's too frizzy but I think you'll manage to figure it out soon enough. My hair is way to thick to even try so I admire that you are trying new techniques :)


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