Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Viva Las Vegas Bands Must See list-2012

Last year I posted a blog with a list of bands that I thought were the "must see" of Viva. I had a sweet couple approach me after Jesse and the Orbits to tell me they read and printed out my blog and that every band I recommended was great. After careful thought and consideration (actually, I'm going to check the schedule for the first time now) HERE ARE MY RECOMMENDATIONS:

2:00 PM - 6:00 PM Sweet Pea's Hooch N Smooch
(Lots of great bands booked!)

8:00 PM Little Mo' and the Unholy 4 in the Ballroom
(I have seen this band several times, and they rock. Also, Mo is a movie star!)

9:30 PM Restless in the Ballroom

11:00 PM Big Sandy and the Flyrite Trio in the Ballroom
(Saw this reunited band at the Rockabilly Rave in the UK last June...they played the On the Go album from start to finish!)

12:15 AM Rockin' Rick and the Rhythm Wranglers in Brendan's Pub
(Get a break from the crowds of the ballroom, but I think Rick will pack Brendan's too!)

1:00 AM Luis and the Wildfires in the Ballroom
(BBH headliner last year and is the perfect high energy performer to keep you pumped up to stay up all night)



Hit Frankie's sometime on Fridays....but be back and ready to see:

8:30 PM Blue Collar Combo in the Ballroom
(Mr. Rockabilly Socialite's band)

9:30 PM Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers in the Bienville 

11:30 PM Planet Rockers in the Ballroom
(BBH 2012 headliners!)

12:15 AM Si Cranstoun in the Bienville

1:45 AM Space Cadets



Try and wake up in time to get to the car show by 2:30 to see:

2:30 PM Big Sandy and the Flyrite Boys at the car show

4:00 PM Duane Eddy at the car show

5:30 PM The Ventures at the car show

7:00 PM the Polecats at the car show

Then hurry inside and get ready for Saturday night. 

9:30 PM The Sydwinders in the Ballroom

10:00 PM Wayne Hancock in the Bienville

11:00 PM JD McPherson in the Ballroom

11:45 PM Voola and Jayhawks
(A Rollin' Recording artist. You might not get to see the whole set because you will have to hurry in to see the next recommendation)

12:01AM Big Six in the Ballroom

1:15 AM The Bellfuries in the Bienville
(So good live! Saw them in the UK)

2:00 AM Omar and the Stringpoppers


Sunday....if it's anything like last year, I will not make it to the pool party until 5 PM and then miss the jive competition. I do have plans to attend both this year. We will see....

6:00 PM Scottie Tecce in Brendans
(might miss part of the Jive contest for this)

8:45 PM Lil Mo and the Monicats in the Ballroom

Maybe I will have a real sit down meal during this time...

11:00 PM the Rockabilly Stars show in the Ballroom
(featuring Mac Curtis, Don Woody, Billy Harlan, Royce Porter and Ray Campi)

1:00 AM Jack Baymore and the Bandits


There you go. My recommendations of bands and acts you don't want to miss. Here are a few videos/songs of my recommended bands:

Friday, March 23, 2012

EVENT UPDATE! BBH 2012 is going to be the best yet...

Since I posted about Booze Broads and Hotrods last week, we have now SOLD OUT the 340 room hotel on the water, and there is no more room for Vendors. Rachelle and Tanya, Bombshell Co-Founders, have busted their butts to make this the best Bay Area Rockabilly event EVER!

You can go to Kayak to find other hotels in the area (SFO airport). There are hotel shuttles that can take you to the airport where you can catch a shuttle to Embassy Suites and the event . 

Only 3 weeks away!

I love meeting you all + gratuitous outfit post

Yesterday was a great day at work. La Rosa was bustling with customers and my oldest daughter, Ashley, was in the city with her friends and stopped in the store to visit me. It was great to see her since she has moved out of the house several months ago, I don't get to see her more than once a week. Ashley purchased a darling 40s one piece play suit that buttoned up the front.

As I wrapped up Ashley's purchase, a lovely young woman walked in with a big smile on her face. She told me she is a reader of my blog and came in because of the dress in my window display. Her name is Melissa, and I quickly retrieved the dress for her to try on. Normally it is against policy to remove anything from the windows after they are dressed, but for a "fan" of my blog,  I made an exception. I also gave her a few other dresses to try, but I think it was fate that the one she came for fit her perfectly.

Melissa and I. Melissa is wearing her new dress!

It is exciting to know that I have such sweet and beautiful readers.

Now for the gratuitous outfit post...

This dress is another Dorian purchase. I was thrilled that my 1950s teal plastic flower earrings matched the teal stars in the pattern of the dress. For all you larger ladies, there are still beautiful 50s dresses in larger sizes (up to 40 or 42" waist sizes) available at Park Place Vintage on Lincoln in San Jose. 


Saturday, March 17, 2012

For the Pake Muu lover, and an outfit post

Take a gander at these.....

Here is a picture of me at work yesterday. I'm wearing a vintage atomic cotton dress I bought from my friend Dorian. It has splashes of coral in a gold, bronze and white pattern. My favorite detail are the white atomic stars scattered all over. I paired it with an ivory and gold cardigan.

Here is a close up of the pattern where you can see the stars and the color:

Booze Broads and Hotrods 2012

Well, we really had to work hard this year for the amazing line up. When I say "we" what I mean is Rachelle, who is doing the booking this year. 

We had originally booked a double headliner Nick Curran and Roddy Jackson, but last month we got the horrible news that Nick's cancer had returned and he would not be able to play for us. Scrambling, we were really worried we wouldn't be able to book someone equal to Nick. 

Rachelle some how was able to find it in the budget, to book the ORIGINAL Planet Rockers! 

As for the rest of the line up....the Legendary "Central Valley Fireball" original 1950s recording artist. Roddy was discovered when he was 15 by Sonny Bono and had some big hits in the late 50s. 

You can get hotel information at our website, but time is running out to get the Bombshell Special room rate. There is a benefit to getting a room, besides being able to stumble to bed when the show is happy hour drinks from 5-7PM and a free breakfast. 

Vending spots are still available, although I think there are only a few left. All the info you need is here:
Bombshell's website 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mahalo, from La Rosa

At La Rosa, we received a big delivery of Hawaiian dresses, shirts, and bathing suits Friday, in celebration of my window designs. My boss is a fellow lover and collector of vintage Hawaiiana. Lucky me! That means amazing Kamehamehas, Hales, Paradise and even a couple Shaheens showed up at the shop. Full circle skirt styles, sarongs and several Pake Mus. Various sizes, even a plus size.

Take a gander at these:

Some of my favorites:

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My first Window Displays at La Rosa....

Doing my first windows at La Rosa was a challenge, and very gratifying. At Time Zone Vintage, I used to style windows (choose the clothing, accessories, and make suggestions) but I was not the one who physically moved and dressed the mannequins, or put the wall coverings up, etc. 

I was given a budget of $100 per window, for props, but was able to find most of what I needed in the shop or from my boss' warehouse.  Total cost was $27 for the supplies to mimic a beach. My theme was 1950s travelers, packing and then on vacation. I know it was a basic and unoriginal theme, but I wanted to keep it simple my first time.

Window one: I dressed the female mannequin in a pink, 1950s gaberdine suit with a reproduction "Sun Surf" Aloha shirt. La Rosa carries these amazing reproduction Rayon shirts and I wanted to demonstrate that these shirts can be worn by women. The male mannequin is wearing a 1950s short sleeved button up casual shirt and fleck coat. There is vintage luggage, including a western hand tooled leather train case. I also put some shoes and jewelry in the display. 

Window two:  I planned out a tiki/holiday window. The male mannequin is wearing a vintage 1950s Campus rayon shirt with the names of old Downtown Las Vegas Hotels on it. The female is wearing a vintage Cole of California swimsuit, white embossed lace over the shell of the suit. All elastic back. I paired it with a reproduction "Sun Surf" Aloha shirt.

This window was a bit more challenging for me since I had to drill some of the bamboo to the wall and figure out how to do a beach. It was fun figuring it all out and then proving to myself I could execute my vision. 

I almost have the store completely ready for Spring. My next window display won't have to be until June and I am already planning 1920s "Gatsby" or "Boardwalk Empire" theme.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Working in a Dream....

After a very exciting first week working at La Rosa, I am having a leisure filled Sunday, and I can't wait to show off some of the photos I took of the shop. 

I have spent a portion of this week, changing up the shop for Spring, and preparing for the Viva Las Vegas shoppers I expect to invade in the next few weeks. My second day, we received two racks of spring clothes, so I pulled and sent to back stock a lot of winter treasures. On one of the racks I discovered several 1920s and 1930s gowns, all in pastel chiffon and silks. I decided to use them to replace the heavy velvets that were on the wall above some of the ladies gowns. Boardwalk Empire fans, prepare to drool!

In the process of changing out the stock, I decided we needed a spring like Ladies 50's-Madmen pastel display above the cash register. 

La Rosa gets many brides looking for something "different" than the traditional bridal dress, so I created the "Bridal Inspiration" rack. 

My next task, in the merchandising department, was to change out the menswear. With Viva Las Vegas quickly approaching, I thought a 50s Men's arrangement to showcase the types of 50s menswear the store carries.

I am quite proud of the menswear. I thought to myself, "What would I want to see Frank wearing in this store?" as the tool to put the outfits together. 

Some of the items in the store are almost historical pieces, or actually ARE historical. There is a large selection of Edwardian:

There is also a large selection of western wear that was from the "Grand Ol' Opry:"

What upscale Vintage shop would be complete without a large selection of lucite purses and bakelite? Also, an abundance of Victorian-1920s accessories:

I will be changing out the windows next week and will update the challenges and hopefully triumphs of my first La Rosa Window display.


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