Monday, July 12, 2010

Viva day 4

Again, there is a lack of photos of myself, as I have to steal them all from Jessica and other people. I am a little miffed I didn't get ANY photos of Frank and I on Saturday night. We both looked great, but have no photo documentation.

We woke up in the morning, and I think we ate in our room...can't quite remember the details, but for some reason I was dressed and ready to go, Frank was not, so I headed for the car show with the plan he'd meet me at the tiki.

I need to remember that so often when I'm at Viva, the plans kind of shrivel up and fail to happen. I went to the car show. Walked around, went to the tiki, waited, then walked around some more. I stopped chatted with people, looked for Rea's Cockgrease display, couldn't FIND the Cockgrease display, walked around some more, went back to the tiki, no one had seen Frank, so I went inside. I can't remember details of everything, but I know I probably chatted with people, went to the pub, maybe gambled a bit, and then made sure I was in the ballroom for when the High Rhythm Hustlers played. I didn't find Frank until sometime right before the HRH played, I think...and he wanted to have some gumbo, so he was going to eat dinner with my friend Lucky and Eileen. We made a plan to meet afterwards, or maybe I just went and found him afterwards...sorry, it's been 4 months, so my memory is a bit sketch. Here is a pic of me in the dress I wore to the car show and a pic with my friend Aaron:

Here's some more of with Kylie from Aussie and one with E.

Now I remember what I was doing, at least part of the time on Saturday...I was putting fliers around for Booze Broads and Hotrods! Booze Broads and Hotrods is my club's, annual show that is held the weekend after Viva. This year we had Carlos and the Bandidos, and a great flier. I will be posting about BBH soon.

At some point, Frank and I coordinated and he got dressed in a nice blue gab shirt, gab pants, fleck jacket and I wore a gold lame halter, black high waist velvet skirt, my gold shoes, and a black sweater with gold beads. I love that sweater but it smells like Chanel. I got it at an estate sale and can not get the Chanel No 5 smell out!

We went upstairs to see Wanda Jackson. We've seen her before, and it was just so crowded, we couldn't hardly breath or move in the ballroom. I was also getting paranoid that they were over capacity and that the floor would cave in (yeah, my mind kind of goes excessively paranoid when I am in claustrophobic conditions). We left midway through her set and hung out with some people in the hallway. Can't remember exactly what we did, but I know after Wanda played we watched the band Hi Voltage. They put on a great show and Ronny Weiser got on stage and was rolling around, dancing and singing with the band. Here's a photo of Kenny and Keith:

After Hi Voltage, the Excellos  were going to play, but I wanted to put on some jeans and get out of the fancy clothes so I could dance. I missed the first few songs, but I made up for it by bopping the whole time. I seriously could not stop moving while they were playing. I hadn't seen so many people at Viva bopping while a band played ever. The dance floor was full.

Frank had gone to bed by this time, so I hung out and danced until about 4:30. I danced with some of SF friends and some guys from LA...


Miss Dollie DeVille said...

I can think of worse things then Chanel No5 for a sweater to smell like. ha ha. I totally hear you about the non-stop bopping to the Excellos. That was one of my fav viva memories ever. I love bopping to live music, but thats rare, in LA at least. It was out of control. Someone sent me the Excellos CD after Viva, and I love it!

Kim Bombshell said...

I can not leave you comments! It's bumming me out! As for the bopping, we were bopping fools! Excellos were a highlight for me, that is for sure!


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