Monday, July 5, 2010

Coming soon....

I am going to write more and post pictures of some of the events I've gone to in the last year. I just don't have time today. I have to go to Sacramento to my friend, Rea's, house. She owns a great Barber Shop in Sacramento called Eddy's Deluxe. She is also the woman behind the pomade "Cockgrease."

Here's a picture of the shop

 and here is a link to the website:

Can't forget a link to cockgrease!

I did just see Rea a couple of weeks ago when I went up to her house to see the Go Getters. We all stayed at her place and had a great time. Rea has become the "Rockabilly Motel" for touring bands. Some bands that don't even have a gig in Sacramento will stay over at her place on their way to Reno or Oregon. She's got a great house, amazing tiki bar and is one of the coolest chicks on the planet.

My camera sucks, so please be patient with the crappy pics...
Rea with Peter and part of Robin and Dave Wolfe

Peter picking his nose in the kitchen and Dave is holding up some really great sunscreen called "Greaser Goo." I actually used Greaser Goo at Ink N Iron and did not get sun burnt AT ALL!
I will write more when I get home late tonight...I was going to stay the night but I have to work tomorrow so I thought I better not.



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