Sunday, January 16, 2011

Road Zombie's 5th Annual Car Club Appreciation night!

Last night the Road Zombies hosted their 5th Annual Car Club Appreciation night. Every year, the Road Zombies host this incredible dinner for Car Clubs (and one social club, the Bombshells) followed by music and opening the doors to the public. There was great food, great music, and good times to be had with good people. The event was held at the famous 23 Club in Brisbane California, just south of San Francisco. The 23 Club has been host to old Country Music performers since the 40s, with a location very close to the Cow Palace. I snapped some fun photos from the night.

Bombshells Monica and Mari, Monica's friend Danielle, and I
 Bombshells with my Imaginary Husband
 The food!
 Hell's Belles Car Club
Group photo of various presidents holding their jackets
Lots of people having a good time!

 The Stillmen Reunited to play the show

 There was dancing!



Brook said...

Love the Poppy dress you are wearing! So cute! looks like FUN!!

Tasha said...

Looks like fun, and nice eye candy! I particularly like the outfit on the couple where the woman has a short-sleeved beaded sweater and the guy has a killer tie. Your dress and bolero (?) are awesome too!

Kiki La Mer said...

You constantly look amazing! Therefore...I've nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award! Go here to see my post about it -

Gabriella said...

Oh man! Wish we could have been there!!

Kim Bombshell said...

Yeah, where were you?


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