Monday, December 27, 2010


Since I've been so bad at blogging, I thought I would just make one big post about December.

I honestly have never had a holiday season that felt so rushed and so full of engagements and obligations. On top of that, I was working full time, which left little time to shop and I was rushing out on my lunch hour, and last week was out late several nights. I enlisted my friend, Tanya to help me wrap or I would have never gotten it all done.

I got some great presents but this year my photographs reflect what the holidays really mean to me. Spending time with family and people I love.

Enjoy the photos!

Rachelle's Baby Shower

Vanessa (Vanessa's blog) and Johnny's Holiday party

Mason's Holiday show at School

Big Sandy at the Red Devil Lounge in SF 12/18

Big Sandy at Don Quixote's  12/19

My lunch

Johnny Mojo sketching up a new guitar for Ashley

Dorian and Ashley playing telephone with my stinky shoes

Lloyd Tripp at the Knockout 12/23

Chet and I

Susan was visiting from Chicago

Joey Myers was out!

Former Bombshell and good friend Amy

John and Sylvie

Susan and her boyfriend
Three days of Christmas...

"Santa Paws"

Frank wanted to buy him a real gun

Mason with two of his cousins

My niece, Olivia

Another niece, Madeline

Amanda is reading Olivia the book "Olivia" 

Went out to see my buddy Jim at Trials


Zootsuitmama said...

Great pix! You look mahhhhvelous dahling! Is that your house with the aluminum tree? I love it! Very cool! More pix more pix! Zootsuitmama

PS: My camera finally was found and I have some new Christmas pix up on the blog. Check it out!

Kim Bombshell said...

I wish that was my house! That is my friend, Vanessa's house. You can see her blog over at Adventures in Serendipity. She's modest, and I don't think she has put up pics of her house. Someday I will just have to go over there and take a bunch of photos to show everyone how wonderful her home is.

Vintage Christine said...

Oh lordy, why weren't people dressing like this when I lived in San Francisco, dammit. It was all hippie and then disco--south of Market was just starting to get cool and I freakin' moved to Mississippi!!!!!! I loved all your pix and yes, please sneak over to Vanessa's house and show us more.

Gabriella said...

Wonderful photos! I have managed to be sick most of December and have missed out on so much good stuff! I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday. Hope to see you out and about soon!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

gosh you looked like you had a ball! My Christmas was extremely boring in comparison!

You have some sweet dresses on lady!

Sarsaparilla said...

Wow! It looks like you've been having a fabulous December. Thanks for the great post!

You look stunning in all the photos, but I especially love that first red dress. Absolute perfection with your long dark hair...

I liked your comment on my blog about how being more socially active is the fountain of youth. No wonder you look so young!

Happy New Year to you...

BaronessVonVintage said...

wow, these are some fantastic photos! Thank you for your kind words on my blog! Glad to have found ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim,

It was nice to finally meet you last night. It won't be the last, that's for sure.

- Jan

Michelle said...

I love all your photos. You are as cute as a button.

Anonymous said...

Wow that house at the top is amazing, I wish my living room looked like that!
A few more years of collecting me thinks.......


Mrs Munster said...

Seems you've had quite busy December. You've managed to look soooo fabulous in every occasion though! Hope year 2011 will be filled with love and rock'n roll :)


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