Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yeah, James Intveld made me swoon...

Friday night I got pretty, ate some chinese (just a little tiny bit!), gassed up the car and took off with Tanya to San Francisco to go swoon over James Intveld. We picked up my friend Kristina in San Mateo on the way up.

For those of you who don't know who James Intveld is, well go look him up on wikipedia or something...but definitely go listen to his music *sigh*.

There were a couple opening bands, B-Stars (who I missed all but the last song) and Red Meat. Both are little bit more country than I like, but James plays a few country songs, mixed with some rockabilly, so it suited the show.

I won't waste your time writing a review, and honestly, I am not a critic. I know what I like, go see the bands I like and am usually not disappointed, this time included.

Here's a few shots of my friends and I before James performed:

E and Kristina

Tanya with her glowstick...getting excited!

Jess and I

Time to Swoon!


Made by Lena