Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sunday wedding at the Verdi...Lee and Tanoa Stewart

Sunday, Imaginary husband and I got spiffed up to attend the nuptials of Lee Wells and Tanoa Stewart.

Tanoa "Samoa Boy" runs the Tuesday night Jump! at the Verdi club in San Francisco. Every Tuesday night, Verdi offers swing dance lessons and then a night of dancing to Stompy Jones. Tanoa is a local DJ and booking agent for a lot of Bay Area Rockabilly and Swing bands. He books some great shows on the weekends on occasion, too. Here are some photos from the joyous day:

Rocket Fizz!

Saturday, I took my kids to downtown Campbell to check out a new Soda Pop store that had opened called Rocket Fizz. Aside from every flavor and type of bottled soda imaginable, there is every kind of candy you can imagine, including candy from my childhood I haven't seen in years. 

There are numerous locations, and you can see if there is a store near you on their website Rocket Fizz

My oldest

My younger daughter deciding (tough decision!)

They were a little overwhelmed 

I found the British candy!

I chose Atomic Grape

Bubble Gum cigarettes!

Candy Cigarettes, too!

Mason and I enjoying our soda pop

Amanda chose Lemonade

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My accommodations in London...Tiki Heaven

My gracious hosts in London let me stay in their Tiki room, that had a very comfy pull out sofa bed. I had to snap some photos:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mods, Rockers, Murder and Suspense!

London...continued...Ace, Notting Hill and more

Wednesday, Neil took me to Ace Cafe, Notting Hill and to see my friend Carlos and his family.

At Ace, we ate breakfast, even though it was mid-day. Neil had slept until noon. I knew he probably needed some rest, since he had worked all weekend at the Rave and I had him up late on Tuesday with Clare and Martin. Deb hadn't returned from her business trip yet, so I had a lovely morning spent with Neil's mum. 

If you don't know what the Ace Cafe is...check this link: Ace Cafe

Neil, in the Rain, in front of the Ace

 Inside the Ace

I think this guy was Swedish

Me in front of the Ace

While I was at the Ace, there was a handsome fellow outside smoking watching me take the photos. A few days later, coming out of the restroom at the airport, I almost ran directly into him. I greeted him and we introduced ourselves. I told him I was on my way back to California and he told me he was on his way to France for one day for a race. After some internet confirmation, it turned out he was Mark Wilsmore, owner of the Ace and organizer of the Rocker's reunion. Glad I was wearing my Ace T-shirt!

Mark Wilsmore, owner of the Ace Cafe

Next we hit Notting Hill, where we walked around and I got to visit the store, "What Katie Did." I bought a cool book about Vintage Lingerie. I also started playing a game, "Snap a photo of Neil when he isn't expecting it and can't make a face."

First "surprise Neil" photo

 He figured it out

 Cool homes...

I died and went to Lingerie Heaven at "What Katie Did"

Wednesday night Deb, Neil and I went to visit my buddy Carlos and his family. I LOVE his boys, Carlitos and Eduardo. I met Carlos' lovely wife Lisa for the first time. We had a great time, visiting and Carlitos paid me one of the best compliments, ever. He told me I remind him of Imelda May, and he has actually met her, so I was very flattered. 


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