Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Last day of the Rave...

Well, of course the last day is sad, and I slept past noon, so I missed the flea market thingy and didn't get down to the hall until 3 in the afternoon. I actually hurried to get down there (maybe I woke up about 2?) by 3 because Smokestack Lightnin' was playing and I love that band.

Smokestack Lightnin' isn't really a rockabilly band, more of an indie/alt country band but I just love Bernie, the singer's voice. They cover a few rockin' songs I like. My favorite was their cover of Lee Dresser's "El Camino Real." 

Here's a few photos:

I need to back up...I just remembered that it was Neil's birthday! I was down there earlier trying to buy him something he didn't have which was impossible. Two tries and I went back to my chalet and decided to give him what I would want for my birthday which was a package of English bacon and a box of Tunnuck's tea cakes. I put them in a brown paper bag with a shredded magazine as tissue. He appreciated the effort.

Before Smokestack Lightnin' started to play I ran into Bob and Terri Butfoy. Bob is in the band Jack Rabbit Slim, and if you remember I drove him around California in 2009 and he played the 2009 Booze Broads and Hotrods show my club, the Bombshells, put on. I asked Bob if I could leave my purse and Gasoline Cowboys sweater at his table, and when I took the sweater off and he saw I was wearing the Jack Rabbit Slim T-Shirt he gave me a couple of years ago, he said I could leave them there as long as I wanted. 

Here's a few photos of Bob, Terri and I:

The next band I watched was the first band in the annual "Battle of the Bands" and it was a young kid named Jake Allen. I believe that his band is the Excellos with him singing. Musically, not like the Excellos, but still a very good band. I snapped quite a few photos because Jake is some nice Eye Candy.

I didn't watch the Ladykillers who actually won the battle of the bands. I think I got something to eat and then got ready for the last night. 

The rest of the blog will be in photos. I just have to say that I had the time of my life at the Rave and I will do my best to get back there next year.

Chalet party with B and the Bops

My beautiful Chalet Mate, Laura and I

With Sabina and Syndi from Germany

*sniff* saying good bye to the Scots

 Thank God Sean woke me up at 9! Sean preparing the last breakfast



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