Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rockabilly Rave...Saturday night!

After having a blast at the chalet parties, I got dressed up in my Matador outfit and hit the ballroom...

I had a wardrobe mishap and ripped the inner thigh while I was putting on my dancing shoes. I stayed in the outfit through 2 bands, but then went to change into my $23 Lurex dress. That will explain my costume change midway through the night.

First up that I saw were the Infernos. I'd been wanting to see this band and I wasn't disappointed!

After the Infernos, I was really excited to see Big Sandy and the original Fly-rite Trio. I think my favorite Big Sandy record is "On The Go" which was recorded by the Trio, not the "Boys." Neil, also being a big Big Sandy fan watched them play with me. We were able to rock out in unison, in our own geek worlds. The big treat of their set was when Robert announced that they were going to play the whole "On the Go" album from start to finish! The crowd screamed, including me. 

I didn't get a lot of photos because I was too busy rocking out.

I went back to the chalet to change, and returned in time to see the Belfuries, one of Bobby Trimble's bands. I watched them from the back with Neil, and unfortunately did not take any photos.

The rest of my photos are from all through the night. The daylight photos outside were taken around 5AM outside in the smoking section. That is how many people are still up and enjoying the record hops. 


Mouse and his Tennessee Whiskey!

Matching Lurex!

Darling young lady, Liz and I

Bobby and Sally

Record Hop!

All night dancing!

 Dance Franny Dance!

Franny, Sean and I

Still crowded at 5 AM

Bobby Strolling with the Ladies

Mouse and I at 7 AM
Mouse and Keith at 7 AM


doradadama said...

Ay Amor,
I love your mariachi looking outfit, want one. too bad they ripped.
I been to Hembsby but not to The Rave. I heard lots of good things about the Rave. English people are so friendly.
Gracias for visiting hun.

Anonymous said...

Ah ah ah ha my friend Fran├žois is on a pic !!!! i'm so sad to miss the show !!!

Anonymous said...

OH HELL YEAH! On The Go, LIVE? Did they do a live recording? I'd buy that album again, if they did!

Looks like you had a ball. The vibe looks completely different than VLV.

Kim said...

It attitudes and everyone is nice.

Tom just announced the Fly-rite Trio will be playing VLV, so you will get a chance to hear On the Go live.


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