Wednesday, July 13, 2011

London! Camden Town

Monday morning after the Rave, I was set to drive to London with Deb, Neil's wife. We had a lot of fun the month before when she and Neil were on their "tiki vacation" and I was glad to get some time to myself with her. I was told the drive to town took 2 hours, but Deb and I were so busy talking about the weekend and people I'd met, that it did not seem so long.

When we got to their home, I had the pleasure of meeting Neil's mum. She was just as sweet and adorable as I knew she would be. They are such a wonderful family, and I really do feel blessed to have met Neil and gotten to know his family. 

Neil's mum and I

Deb and Neil

Monday, Deb and I were so tired after I was set up in the "tiki" room, we both decided to nap until Neil came home. Neil had to go to the shop and unload the van, so we had a good 4 hours to recoup some of our lost sleep from the weekend. 

Tuesday, Deb had to go out of town for business, and I went to work with Neil. Going to work with Neil is like going to Camden to play, since he works at Sounds that Swing, the Camden record shop. It was really fun wandering around Camden. Brillo came down to the shop (love that man!), I ran into Nick Barnes and Rob Chops in the Stables Market and found an amazing shopping stall called "Out of Time" that is owned by Trev Collins, who is a DJ and the drummer of the Excellos. I had met Trev in Las Vegas before, and running into people I knew made me feel not so much like a tourist.

A Genuine Painting by John Wayne Gacy hangs in the shop

Trev Collin's shop, Out of Time

The man, himself, Trevor Collins

How amazing is his shop?

I also met a nice guy, named Keith, at Trevor's stall. He refinishes antique oak furniture and it turns out we have a mutual friend, Mel from the Blog Incendiary Blond. Mel is engaged to my good friend from home, Aaron. I had hoped to see her in London, but Neil and I had plans the 3 full days I was there, so it was a no go. 

Trev gave me a Rockinitz T-shirt. That was the club he used to run. 

Met up with Clare and Martin for dinner, so Brillo, Neil, Clare, Martin and I ate at the Spread Eagle where they hold the Wheelie Bag nights. I will blog more on Wheelie Bags, later. 

Here are a few more photos of Camden and Clare and Martin:


Anonymous said...

Oh my ! I want the same record shop in my town !!!

Cee said...

It's been awhile since I've had a lot of time to wander Camden Market, but I don't recognize that Out of Time shop at all!! Do you have any idea how long he's been there? Evil From The Needle is where I got my tattoo done as well :) Jealous! Your trip brings back memories.

Kim said...

What I hear, is Trev used to have a different stall, but moved to the location he is in now, and might have also changed the name.

I loved Camden. Reminds me of the Haight in San Francisco.

Tara said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I was looking at some of the wares in the photos featuring Trevor's shop! I spotted several things! Those lamps were to DIE for, especially that red one!!

I have not been to the UK since I was 14. Seeing these images takes me back! I loved visiting all the charity shops and sweet shops with my aunties and cousins!

Incendiary Blonde said...

Kimmmmmmm!!! I am sad we did not get to meet up whilst you were here.....we will just have to catch up next time I am in SF! :)

It's so funny what a small world it is, that you can travel half way across the globe and meet all sorts of people that you know through 6 degrees of separation! xxx

Straight Talking Mama! said...

oh Trev has the best stuff ever, I used to hate being the stall next to him at events as I just wanted to buy EVERYTHING!

I love Deb & Neil, nicest people in the world :o)

Neilie Neilster said...

Bless you Fiona. You and Paul are the nicest people in the world too(Guess i've gotta say that i suppose)


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