Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rocket Fizz!

Saturday, I took my kids to downtown Campbell to check out a new Soda Pop store that had opened called Rocket Fizz. Aside from every flavor and type of bottled soda imaginable, there is every kind of candy you can imagine, including candy from my childhood I haven't seen in years. 

There are numerous locations, and you can see if there is a store near you on their website Rocket Fizz

My oldest

My younger daughter deciding (tough decision!)

They were a little overwhelmed 

I found the British candy!

I chose Atomic Grape

Bubble Gum cigarettes!

Candy Cigarettes, too!

Mason and I enjoying our soda pop

Amanda chose Lemonade


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic shop ! I will turn crazy in this kind of shop !!!

Mar said...

Why must you make other moms look uncool and like hounds?

And, goodness--how all-grown Ashley looks!

If I had to make an initial post on Blogger (or any blog for that matter) it had to be yours. ;)



Dolly Cool Clare said...

My other half LOVES sweets. (big Kid!) He would be so excited to go to a store like this! Yum yum :)

Kim said...

Mar! I really wish I could see you more than once a year. Yep, the kids are growing fast...Your daughter must be in school by now!

Start a blog so we can see your amazing scores. You always have the coolest and sexiest outfits.

Mar said...

I am working on the whole 'blog' thing--too complicated it seems--but have started.

You speak the truth of me and my vast wardrobe. Bitches will be envious. ;)

My daughter is 7 (!) now--most people still see her as a baby since I rarely talk about her or post pictures (I'm weird about that kinda stuff).

Enough of my taking so much space on your blog; be warned: I've been lurking on the VLV forum. I'm just waiting for the opportune time to be the jackass.


Kim said...

Mar, are you on facebook? I need a better way to cyberstalk you! I need to check the VLV forum...and yes, bitches will be jealous of your amazing wardrobe, and your cute figure that looks hot in vintage AND latex xoxoxo

Unknown said...

Thats so funny! We have one in our town and I always thought about blogging about it, but just thought people would think I am a nerd! ha ha ha. Glad to see I am not the only one....

Kim said...

We are nerds, duh...we blog about vintage clothes and rockabilly music!

vintage_kitten said...

oh my.I would be on the biggest sugar high.I love grape soda.What a cool shop.


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