Saturday, April 30, 2011

Continuation of Viva Blogs...Thursday Night!

I think I left off with Frankie's Tiki's another couple photos from Frankies:

With Teresa an a man I totally LOVE, Patrick
 I ran into my friends, Aaron and Mel

After Frankie's we went back to the hotel where I changed for the beginnings of the festivities! Thursday was my "Hawaiian" day, so I changed into a dress that I had to trade a LOT of vintage for. It is a strapless sarong, rayon, with a bolero, that I LOVE. I was thrilled that my friend Renee, who is a dealer was willing to do a trade. 

With Renee, who has the most fabulous wardrobe!

I didn't get any photos of bands...Lil' Mo and the Dynoflos opened the show to a packed ballroom and put on a FANTASTIC show. I also enjoyed Los Straightjackets, Hi Qs and Modern Don Juans. I did get a few photos of the Hi Qs with Matt on vocals.

Here are some random photos from the night with Jessica, Dorian, and also Alex Vargas and my friend Real

One last photo from the night with Dollie aka The Rockabilly Socialite
  I was up until at least 5:30, closing down the hops that night/morning. While I was sitting out a song at the hop, my dear friend from Germany hugged me from behind and spilled a whole glass of whiskey on my dress! I think it will be fine after a cleaning, I want to bring it to England with me when I go to the Rave. I love her and have known her almost 10 years, so I wasn't mad. She was being cute and drunk and bought me a coke because she felt bad. I hope to see her in the UK without a drink! hehe...


Miss Molly Doll said...

Wow Kim, I love both of your dresses! They are just gorgeous :)
Reading all of these Viva blogs is getting me so excited because my fiance and I are going to go!
Can't wait to read more
x Molly

The Vintage Housewife... said...

oh my kim you are a bombshell!!!!!! you look amazing it was so nice to meet'cha...and boy you party it up!!!!! loved ya...Cat

Kim Bombshell said...

Cat, I will be mentioning my meeting with you on Friday! You were such a sweetie!!!

Molly, oh boy, you are in for a treat xxx


Great i see that all our lil blogosphere has a good meeting :)

Kim Bombshell said...

I hope to see your French cuteness at the Rave? <3


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