Thursday, April 7, 2011

I've been gone...this is why...

Well, the last couple weeks have been quite a roller coaster ride for me. My oldest chick has flown back to the coop, and has moved home. She had some major difficulties in SF and decided home is where she will be safest. She had been quite distanced from the family the last year, and being 23, I just assumed she was very busy, but it was a lot worse than I could have imagined.

Something good has come of this, she had realized that she has a drinking problem and is going to AA. In support for her, but really to help me cope with what she's gone through and what I have gone through in the last few months, I also have thrown myself back into AA. I have a new sponsor and am working the steps again.

I have been sober for over 19 years, and have rarely felt any inclination to drink again for most of those 19 years. I believe it is a result of thoroughly working the 12 steps.

I have not been involved much in almost 15 years, but I know for me to continue to be "Happy Joyous and Free" I need to be of service and work the steps again. Perhaps I will have the opportunity to sponsor someone and see the miracle that AA and the 12 steps creates in people's lives.

That's where I've been and what I've been up to.

I did go to the Haight Street Hop on Friday night, though! I am still going to Viva, of course ;-)


Straight Talking Mama! said...

sorry to hear about your daughter, it's such a tough situation and must be really hard as a mum, but at least you have been through it and understand, which is fabulous and she must really appreciate the support. Well done on going back to AA even though you don't need it for you, if you can help others that's fantastic!

Lola Devlin said...

Gosh Kim, for dealing with so much stuff lately you sure do come across like you are handling it well!! Hopefully soon this will all come to an even better place & we can get back to rockin all day and night. Proud of you & always here for you!! xx.L

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about this but I'm glad you're both taking the right steps immediately. I'm sure it will work out since she's got your support. Best to both of you


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