Monday, April 11, 2011

Must see and do at Viva

These are my suggestions of bands and happenings that you don't want to miss during Viva. Some are suggestions, like the Jive lesson, but the music acts are what I am not going to miss while I am there.

2:00 PM                         Sweet Pea's Hooch-n-smooch                         Bienville Room
8:00PM                          Lil' Mo & the Dynaflos                                   Ballroom
11:30 PM                       Modern Don Juans                                         Ballroom
12:00AM                        Hi-Qs (I know it's an overlap!)                       Bienville Room
1:00 AM                         Los Straightjackets                                        Ballroom


1:00-4:00 PM                Sophia Wolff's Jiving Class                             Ballroom
5:00 PM                         Charles Pheonix Slide Show                           Showroom
                                       (tickets at box office during the day) 
8:30 PM                         The Horton Brothers                                       Ballroom
10:30 PM                       Jessie and the Orbits                                       Beinville Room
12:15 AM                       Big Sandy and Los Straightjackets                 Beinville Room
1:45 AM                         Sureshots                                                        Ballroom


4:00 PM                         Blasters                                                           Car Show
6:00 PM                         Jerry Lee Lewis                                               Car Show
8:00 PM                         Rhythm Shakers                                               Ballroom
9:00 PM                         Gizelle                                                              Ballroom
11:00 PM                       Sonny Burgess and the Pacers                         Ballroom
2:00 AM                         The Caezars                                                     Ballroom


Daytime:                        Tiki Pool Party                                               The Pool
6:00 PM                         Roy Rapid and the Rhythm Rock Trio              Brendens
6:30 PM                         Jive Contest                                                    Ballroom
9:30 PM                         Kim Lenz and the Jagauars                            Ballroom
11:30 PM                       Rockabilly Stars                                              Ballroom

This is my preferred list, although I will probably skip the jive lesson and I will squeeze in Frankie's Thursday late afternoon. Sorry burlesque fans, I would rather be watching bands play.

If you are getting into Vegas on Wednesday, try to get to the Wild! Records Pre-party at The Las Vegas Country Saloon, 425 Fremont Street, Downtown Las Vegas.


Miss Dollie DeVille said...

Fun! I just uploaded all of my posts for what to do on (insert day here), and will post one a day. It would have been so much easier to do it all in one post like you! Love it.

See you soon,

Kim Bombshell said...

haha...yeah a kind of lazy...can't commit to posting every day! See you in 8 days, sugar! Miss Dorian is riding out with me <3

Rivet Head said...

Thanks for the props Kim! I didn't know we'd be up against the Don Juans...

Kim Bombshell said...

Must be Matt, Mr. Rivethead....

I know the overlap sucks, but I will catch the first 35 minutes of their set (probably 40 minutes) and then miss the first 5 minutes of yours. Then the time will be equally disbursed between the two bands.

Woah...I am totally OCD

Tart Deco™ said...

I also just posted links to most of the bands websites so people can listen to their music to help decide-

Kim Bombshell said...

I saw that...these are my recommendations based on the bands I like and want to see live :-)


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