Monday, May 2, 2011

Viva...Friday :-)

Friday, my task upon waking was to get to a branch of Bank of the West. The night before our departure, I had left my bank card in the cash machine! Yes, when I am getting ready for a fabulous party, I will become all sorts of absent-minded just thinking of the fun I will have. Luckily, there was a branch just shy of two miles away, so I zipped over to withdraw some cash so I would not be begging people to buy me diet cokes all weekend.

Friday day was uneventful to my recollection, except for the discussion I had with the infamous Felicia. Actually, I take that back. I had the good fortune of meeting Cat from The Vintage Housewife . She was a dear and you can click the link to view photos of our meeting. I saw Holly, aka Tempermental Broad who I have gotten to know better this last Vegas. She is adorable and I want to put her in my pocket and take home with me every time I see her.

I picked up a gold confetti lucite yo-yo I had won on ebay for $12 and had shipped to the hotel. It matched my jewelry perfectly so I went upstairs to change after feeling quite sad in the vendors area because I couldn't buy anything. I want to save all my pennies for my UK trip next month.

I decided that Friday would be my "Gold Lame" night.

I didn't really get any good pics and no pics of my yo-yo!
 The top is a Suzy Perette, the skirt I had made with vintage fabric and I carried my gold confetti lucite purse that has seen better days.

The first band I snapped photos of was a great band from the UK, Jesse and the Orbits. I met the lead singer, Natasha, the night before and just loved her. I met quite a few young Londoners and thought they were all adorable and very sweet.

When the band was finished playing, a nice couple approached me and told me they read my blog and that they had followed my band recommendations and had not been disappointed yet! That made me feel quite good to know someone was benefiting from something I wrote.

I missed a couple bands I wanted to see because I was dealing with the situation following the incident with Felicia. "Situation" and "incident" were words that Dorian, Jess, Kim and I used together quite frequently to discuss shenanigans that we witnessed or partook in that weekend. 

The next band up was the Sureshots. I saw them at the second US Rave and enjoyed them. The Bombshells had been negotiating to book them, but it had fallen through. 

Gary from the Sureshots
 Joe from the Sureshots

I went upstairs to change and spent the rest of the night, into the wee hours of the morning at the record hop in the Big Easy. The Big Easy's dance floor was superb. Nice, slick hard wood. Perfect for jiving. 

When I was going back to my room, I came across a guy passed out in the hall. He had fallen asleep, outside his room, a pile of money next to one hand and his room key in his other. I wish I had taken a photo, but I was more concerned that his money would be stolen. I tried to wake him, but he was not opening his eyes. I shoved his money and key in his breast pocket and went back to my room. Sunday I saw him in the hall and told him it was me that put his money in his pocket. He promised to buy me a drink. 


The Vintage Housewife... said...

oh what a dear you are...lucky boy! Yes friday i think was rather slow...but loved meetin' you your wonderful yo-yo!! It was a great addition to that amazin' gold outfit...I saw you rock that amazin outfit and you were good enough to wow us with your rocken' yo-yo tricks! =0)


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