Monday, August 23, 2010

Doing the unthinkable...look what I got!

OK...I started this blog to chronicle my social life. I had seen so many blogs related to hair, make-up, clothes, and decor, but not so many about having fun when you are immersed in a "vintage lifestyle." Like I stated in a previous post, I don't get people who are into vintage lifestyle but don't like the music. I understand not being totally into the rockabilly or swing "scene" but you gotta love the music!

I am about to do something I swore I wouldn't do, but since this is the Kim Show, and my friends are sick of hearing me brag about some new vintage piece I got (working at the vintage store, they heard that A LOT over the last year) I only have you, my fellow bloggers and lurkers, to brag to.


I will give you a little background on this dress. First, it's silk, not cotton. Second, I tried this dress on in April when I was at Viva. It fit me perfectly. I wanted it so bad, but it cost too darn much!!! Well, I was trolling Etsy, and couldn't believe my eyes when I found it! Even better, it was priced half what it was at Viva (I think if I remember correctly...or it could be $50 less, either way it was LESS!). I paid for it Friday and I'm still waiting to hear when it ships...I will definitely post pics when it comes.

Here's a few more!


Straight Talking Mama! said...

oooh that's lovely, lucky you!

*itsViv* said...

too cute!


Incredible ! I'm searching since ages the same dress style in my size but bids always go high !!

This dress is a pure beauty. I'm impatient to see you wearing it !

PS :You re not alone Kim, me too i don't comprehend how people could be involved in retro style with their "IKEA Flat" and no "50's or 40's music" ???? And some of them are the most famous blog ???? It's easy to recognize it, they always push modern furnitures in their back when they taken outfit pic or made hair tuto ha ha ha !!! :)
I could even comprehend for Ikea, after living years in a vintage house sometimes it's boring to see collapse all furnitures ha ha ha but without music ???? So weird !

Sarsaparilla said...

Fabulous dress! Isn't it fun to find good deals?

Glad you shared the dress, but love your "vintage lifestyle" posts too. I'm listening to Little Willie John's "I'm Shakin" on your playlist right now...and smiling. :-)

Miss Dollie DeVille said...

Love that dress! Hope to see it at Rhythm Rocker or Viva!!!!

I love clothing too, so I like to hear about that too. :)

You are the only other blog out there that talks about the music, so I really appreciate it. ha ha.


Lola Devlin said...

ooooooooh baby! I can see it on you now!! Usually it never happens this way! You put the good juz on something you want and then some other chick (with a wad of cash) usually swipes it up just because you were looking at it! YAY for Kim!!

btw - sorry I missed the show on sat nte, looks like it was a blast! See you after my trip! xxx

Rachelle said...

Love you in blue!

Stephanie Ratcliffe said...

What a great find! :) I am glad you posted it. My lifestyle right now does not include much in the way of cool clothes, so I can enjoy yours vicariously!


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