Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Snoods do more than look cute!

I want to apologize up front for there not being photos. I will try to add some tonight when I am at home, but since I am on my lunch break at my job, I have no access to photos.

After reading the blog, Betty's vintage musings, where she talks about her new snood, it reminded me that the only time I wear a snood is during the day when I'm going out in the evening. For me, I use a snood to help ensure my hair won't go limp and lose it's curl while I'm out dancing. Here is a brief descriptive tutorial:

Set your hair with hot rollers, spraying each piece with Redken's Thermal Setting Mist.

After removing rollers, DO NOT BRUSH. If you are styling the front bangs, or doing a front or side roll, you may style that, but do not brush out the curls you expect to leave down. Place the snood over the unbrushed curls and leave on all day. Before you leave to go out, remove the snood, brush the curls and enjoy a curl that lasts all evening.

This is a very useful tip when you have a busy day with activities and won't have time to properly prepare yourself for the evening.


Shrinky Inky said...

a brilliant and very useful tip! i always say snoods are for bad hair days but will try this trick too - thanks :)

Straight Talking Mama! said...

good idea, I use scarves for the same reason, however a snood is a good idea if you need to look a bit smarter!

Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

I totally agree. The snood doesn't squish your hair as much as a scarf does. I even wear snoods when I go out in the evening. My black one is really classic and elegant!

Lady Betty said...

What a great idea, Kim! I often wear snoods when I am being lazy or when I am late for work and I do not have time to style the rest of hair (I will dry my bangs with a barrel brush).

I will be sure to try this! I agree with Brittany that scarves can "squish" the hair.

Miss Tayva said...

I wish that stuff would work on my hair (the Hot Sets). My hair is stubborn!


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