Sunday, August 22, 2010

Up to her old tricks...

If you missed me and my rambling blogs, then you're in luck tonight. I am taking some time out from hustling the kids into their "back to school" schedules to blog about my weekend, and maybe a little more.

The new job is going well, I like having money again (or maybe just not feeling so strapped all the time!) and I'm still at the vintage shop one day a week...that means working 6 days a week which can really cut into a girls night life! Last I wrote, I think I mentioned Frank and my 15th wedding anniversary. We had a great dinner and like he does every year since we were married, he sent our wedding flowers to my work.

While we are at's a picture of me at my new work

Last weekend I hit a couple of car shows, but didn't take any pictures. I was a bad social blogger. This weekend, I actually took photos since I had the pleasure of seeing The Lucky Stars perform at the Verdi Club in San Francisco.
After working at the shop, and picking up a new Mexican circle skirt and angora sweater from the shop, I headed over to Rachelle's house to ride up with her and Josh. She's now almost 4 months pregnant, but was still able to fit into her cute vintage gingham dress.
Rachelle and Josh at the Verdi
Leah, another Bombshell met us at the show
The show was at the Verdi club, and I just love that venue. The dance floor is great, the sound is good in my opinion, and despite the abundance of Lindy Hoppers, there are enough jivers to get a few jives in and the DJs that spin there are always tops. Last night the DJ was Rockin' Raul Castro, singer for the Hi Rhythm Hustlers and winner of the VLV 2009 Jive Contest.
Me dancing in my new skirt with Rockin' Raul Castro

My good friend Dorian was there. She looked adorable in her fringe skirted dress, cowboy boots and cowboy hat.

Dorian is dating Eric Reedy, the bass player for the B-Stars. I took this cute pic of them:

Some more pics of Dorian and I

The B-Stars were the first band to go on, and as usual, they delivered a flawless set

Eric on Bass

Next up were the Lucky Stars. They put on a great performance and the dance floor was packed the whole time. All in all it was a fabulous night!

The Lucky Stars



WOW ROSES !!! Lucky you !!! ;)

The Lucky stars are so good, i didn't saw them since so long time. Again Lucky you !!!

you look divine on pics.

Kim Bombshell said...

Thanks! It was so much fun, and I hadn't been to a show in a few weeks. I needed to get my jive on!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

glad all is still well, and wow re the roses!

Looks like you had a great night too

Miss Dollie DeVille said...

Its fun to read your blog because I know most of the people and all the bands to talk about. ha ha. Lucky Stars are my boys! XOXO

Rachelle said...

What a fun night! I am glad I actually came out. I know going our is going to get a lot harder in the next few months and especially AFTER the baby is born.

Kim Bombshell said...

Dollie, we travel in the same even mentioned ME in one of your blogs before I had a blog. Rachelle, I'm glad you came out, and yes, it will be harder to come out and you will be missed! I'll continue to represent and try not to be too much of an ass.


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