Sunday, March 4, 2012

Working in a Dream....

After a very exciting first week working at La Rosa, I am having a leisure filled Sunday, and I can't wait to show off some of the photos I took of the shop. 

I have spent a portion of this week, changing up the shop for Spring, and preparing for the Viva Las Vegas shoppers I expect to invade in the next few weeks. My second day, we received two racks of spring clothes, so I pulled and sent to back stock a lot of winter treasures. On one of the racks I discovered several 1920s and 1930s gowns, all in pastel chiffon and silks. I decided to use them to replace the heavy velvets that were on the wall above some of the ladies gowns. Boardwalk Empire fans, prepare to drool!

In the process of changing out the stock, I decided we needed a spring like Ladies 50's-Madmen pastel display above the cash register. 

La Rosa gets many brides looking for something "different" than the traditional bridal dress, so I created the "Bridal Inspiration" rack. 

My next task, in the merchandising department, was to change out the menswear. With Viva Las Vegas quickly approaching, I thought a 50s Men's arrangement to showcase the types of 50s menswear the store carries.

I am quite proud of the menswear. I thought to myself, "What would I want to see Frank wearing in this store?" as the tool to put the outfits together. 

Some of the items in the store are almost historical pieces, or actually ARE historical. There is a large selection of Edwardian:

There is also a large selection of western wear that was from the "Grand Ol' Opry:"

What upscale Vintage shop would be complete without a large selection of lucite purses and bakelite? Also, an abundance of Victorian-1920s accessories:

I will be changing out the windows next week and will update the challenges and hopefully triumphs of my first La Rosa Window display.


nudeedudee said...

Just fabulous, keep up the great work!! Can't wait to visit SF again soon.

Mrs Molly Doll said...

**Drooooool** The shop looks like is is packed full of amazing goodies! I could see my husband in the two cropped jackets, just lovely!
X Molly

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Oh WOW Kim that is truly a dream job! You've done some great stuff and no wonder with all that lovely stuff to play with :o)


I love your work on menwear. It's beautifull.

Bye bye.



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