Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Viva Las Vegas Bands Must See list-2012

Last year I posted a blog with a list of bands that I thought were the "must see" of Viva. I had a sweet couple approach me after Jesse and the Orbits to tell me they read and printed out my blog and that every band I recommended was great. After careful thought and consideration (actually, I'm going to check the schedule for the first time now) HERE ARE MY RECOMMENDATIONS:

2:00 PM - 6:00 PM Sweet Pea's Hooch N Smooch
(Lots of great bands booked!)

8:00 PM Little Mo' and the Unholy 4 in the Ballroom
(I have seen this band several times, and they rock. Also, Mo is a movie star!)

9:30 PM Restless in the Ballroom

11:00 PM Big Sandy and the Flyrite Trio in the Ballroom
(Saw this reunited band at the Rockabilly Rave in the UK last June...they played the On the Go album from start to finish!)

12:15 AM Rockin' Rick and the Rhythm Wranglers in Brendan's Pub
(Get a break from the crowds of the ballroom, but I think Rick will pack Brendan's too!)

1:00 AM Luis and the Wildfires in the Ballroom
(BBH headliner last year and is the perfect high energy performer to keep you pumped up to stay up all night)



Hit Frankie's sometime on Fridays....but be back and ready to see:

8:30 PM Blue Collar Combo in the Ballroom
(Mr. Rockabilly Socialite's band)

9:30 PM Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers in the Bienville 

11:30 PM Planet Rockers in the Ballroom
(BBH 2012 headliners!)

12:15 AM Si Cranstoun in the Bienville

1:45 AM Space Cadets



Try and wake up in time to get to the car show by 2:30 to see:

2:30 PM Big Sandy and the Flyrite Boys at the car show

4:00 PM Duane Eddy at the car show

5:30 PM The Ventures at the car show

7:00 PM the Polecats at the car show

Then hurry inside and get ready for Saturday night. 

9:30 PM The Sydwinders in the Ballroom

10:00 PM Wayne Hancock in the Bienville

11:00 PM JD McPherson in the Ballroom

11:45 PM Voola and Jayhawks
(A Rollin' Recording artist. You might not get to see the whole set because you will have to hurry in to see the next recommendation)

12:01AM Big Six in the Ballroom

1:15 AM The Bellfuries in the Bienville
(So good live! Saw them in the UK)

2:00 AM Omar and the Stringpoppers


Sunday....if it's anything like last year, I will not make it to the pool party until 5 PM and then miss the jive competition. I do have plans to attend both this year. We will see....

6:00 PM Scottie Tecce in Brendans
(might miss part of the Jive contest for this)

8:45 PM Lil Mo and the Monicats in the Ballroom

Maybe I will have a real sit down meal during this time...

11:00 PM the Rockabilly Stars show in the Ballroom
(featuring Mac Curtis, Don Woody, Billy Harlan, Royce Porter and Ray Campi)

1:00 AM Jack Baymore and the Bandits


There you go. My recommendations of bands and acts you don't want to miss. Here are a few videos/songs of my recommended bands:


Mar said...

People like you are the only reason I can tolerate Viva anymore. ;)

I'll try and catch more of the bands this's been some time since I've crawled out of my cave for a live act.

I'll be vending this year with my friend Sam (Daisy's Vintage) so I might miss some of the bands I really want to see...but we should totally hang out for a bit--I've missed you!

Tara said...

Great list and how lovely that you compiled it for everyone! I cannot wait to see you!! 5 days to go, girl!


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