Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My first Window Displays at La Rosa....

Doing my first windows at La Rosa was a challenge, and very gratifying. At Time Zone Vintage, I used to style windows (choose the clothing, accessories, and make suggestions) but I was not the one who physically moved and dressed the mannequins, or put the wall coverings up, etc. 

I was given a budget of $100 per window, for props, but was able to find most of what I needed in the shop or from my boss' warehouse.  Total cost was $27 for the supplies to mimic a beach. My theme was 1950s travelers, packing and then on vacation. I know it was a basic and unoriginal theme, but I wanted to keep it simple my first time.

Window one: I dressed the female mannequin in a pink, 1950s gaberdine suit with a reproduction "Sun Surf" Aloha shirt. La Rosa carries these amazing reproduction Rayon shirts and I wanted to demonstrate that these shirts can be worn by women. The male mannequin is wearing a 1950s short sleeved button up casual shirt and fleck coat. There is vintage luggage, including a western hand tooled leather train case. I also put some shoes and jewelry in the display. 

Window two:  I planned out a tiki/holiday window. The male mannequin is wearing a vintage 1950s Campus rayon shirt with the names of old Downtown Las Vegas Hotels on it. The female is wearing a vintage Cole of California swimsuit, white embossed lace over the shell of the suit. All elastic back. I paired it with a reproduction "Sun Surf" Aloha shirt.

This window was a bit more challenging for me since I had to drill some of the bamboo to the wall and figure out how to do a beach. It was fun figuring it all out and then proving to myself I could execute my vision. 

I almost have the store completely ready for Spring. My next window display won't have to be until June and I am already planning 1920s "Gatsby" or "Boardwalk Empire" theme.


wacky tacky said...

Great Job! Your windows look awesome! I want that beach towel!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

oh wow they look awesome! And I now know I HAVE been to that store, it was many years ago so hopefully I have it right, but it looks familiar

Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

Oh wow looks great! The dress in the first window is yummy! Glad to see you're having fun at your job. :)



Wow weel done !!!! I'm really happy for you. What a cool job.


Daddy O's Logos said...

Window look wonderful! Great Colors.


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