Friday, March 23, 2012

I love meeting you all + gratuitous outfit post

Yesterday was a great day at work. La Rosa was bustling with customers and my oldest daughter, Ashley, was in the city with her friends and stopped in the store to visit me. It was great to see her since she has moved out of the house several months ago, I don't get to see her more than once a week. Ashley purchased a darling 40s one piece play suit that buttoned up the front.

As I wrapped up Ashley's purchase, a lovely young woman walked in with a big smile on her face. She told me she is a reader of my blog and came in because of the dress in my window display. Her name is Melissa, and I quickly retrieved the dress for her to try on. Normally it is against policy to remove anything from the windows after they are dressed, but for a "fan" of my blog,  I made an exception. I also gave her a few other dresses to try, but I think it was fate that the one she came for fit her perfectly.

Melissa and I. Melissa is wearing her new dress!

It is exciting to know that I have such sweet and beautiful readers.

Now for the gratuitous outfit post...

This dress is another Dorian purchase. I was thrilled that my 1950s teal plastic flower earrings matched the teal stars in the pattern of the dress. For all you larger ladies, there are still beautiful 50s dresses in larger sizes (up to 40 or 42" waist sizes) available at Park Place Vintage on Lincoln in San Jose. 



Straight Talking Mama! said...

I can see in your face how much you are enjoying your job! Man I wish I could pop by, I'll hop on a plane if I win the lottery!

Elisa said...

My good friend Jodi said she stopped in and bought a shirt from you the other day! She couldn't resist since she lives nearby and I told her about all of the stuff you just got in the shop from reading your blog :-)

Kim Bombshell said...

Was it a cute 40s rayon hawaiian shirt? I totally remember her. When are you coming by, Elisa? xxx

Elisa said...

Knowing her I bet it was! I hope I get to come by real soon. Probably won't get to before Vegas but I will see you there! And Jodi will be there as well :-)


Oh la la la la !!!! Beautifull ladies !!

Jessica Cangiano said...

What a wonderfully fun, upbeat dress! I adore how spot on those cute earring match the turquoise in the frock. Terrific vintage accessorizing!

Wishing you a beautiful day,
♥ Jessica


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