Sunday, May 15, 2011

British Invasion!

This week was extra special for me, because my BFF, Neil, and his lovely wife, Deb, were visiting from the UK.

Thursday night, I picked them up in San Francisco and took them over the bridge to Forbidden Island in Alameda. I, of course forgot my camera, so I can't post photos until Jess puts them up on Facebook. Some of Neil's buds from around the bay came out for our little party and it was a great night.

Friday Neil and Deb came down to the South Bay and I planned a day, out and about, for them. We started the day meeting up at Psycho Donuts, at Neil's request.

Neil is taking a bite out of "Jason", a chocolate donut with raspberry filling in honor of it being Friday the 13th.

Deb and I in front of Psycho Donuts

It was too early for Neil to go over to Big Al's Record Barn, so we went over to Top Notch Customs. I have mentioned Notch before, when we did a photo shoot last September for Time Zone in the tiki bar attached to his shop. Neil is a huge tiki nerd, and I knew he would appreciate Notch's work. In addition to being an amazing car builder, and featured in Rodder's Journal more than once, he also designs, makes and fires his own tiki mugs. Neil and Deb were very impressed with his shop, bar and talent. Notch was happy to show them around.

The Tapas lamp was made by my friend, Tanya's husband, Woody. Woody makes those wonderful lamps as a hobby, but has sold them to tiki bars and restaurants all over the country. 

Next, Deb and I dropped Neil off at Big Al's, and we headed over to Park Place and met up with my friends Renee and Karl. After a some shopping, trying on clothes, none of which fit me, we picked up Neil and had lunch with Renee and Karl at a yummy italian deli. I left my camera in the car of course. I also left it in the car while we went over to Santa Cruz to do some vintage shopping with Karl and Renee. 

After the shopping, Karl and Renee went to see a movie while I drove Neil and Deb along the cliffs. We were too late to view the free surf museum, housed in a defunct light house, but I did snap some photos of Deb and Neil on the cliffs. 

After driving along East Cliff Drive, and over to Capitola, we decided to head back over the hill so Neil and Deb could go rest up at their hotel and then we met at Verdi Club for the Hi-Rhythm Hustler's last bay area show. Neil is good friends with Steve Merritt, the guitar player, and Steve was quite surprised to see Neil at the show. 

Bro love...Neil and Steve

Neil and Deb

Deb and I

Deb, Neil, Ahmad and Jessica

Some more photos from the night

Neil and Deb will make more appearances in my blogs, I'm sure, since I will be staying with them when I am in London next month! Can't wait to see them again xo 


Straight Talking Mama! said...

Aw you look like you're having a ball, say hi to them!

Nicole said...

Looks like a fun time! I want a doughnut now!


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