Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Viva Las Vegas...Sunday...sigh...

Sunday at Viva is always's the last day, you know you are going to have to leave the next day and return to the real world.

I woke up about 2 big surprise since I had been going to sleep around 7 A.M. all weekend. We ordered room service but there was an incident when the food arrived....

The incident that caused the situation

The culprit responsible for the situation
Even though it was late, I still went down to the pool party. We got there about 5, it was windy, we missed everything, and decided to go inside and were only there for half hour. I wasn't that disappointed, aside from missing my friends from the Bay Area who were all at the party.

I forgot to mention that I saw the drunk guy who had been passed out in the hall...more on him later....

I met a really nice guy, Kevin "Jittery Jack", but that may have been on Saturday...I also chatted with a nice fellow from Germany who was hanging out smoking, then decided to go change for the evening. 

I wore a blue velvet cocktail dress I bought on Ebay for about $30 bucks a few months ago. When Jess and I were trolling through the Casino we ran into our friend, Sean Law. He wasn't supposed to come to Viva because he had to work Saturday, but road warrior that he is, he came all the way from Vancouver on Sunday and went to LA for a couple days after. Sean is going to be one of my Chalet mates at the Rave next month.

I wore flats that night cause I was raring to dance, it being the last night. I went to the ball room where records were spinning and had a dance with E and with Holly's man, Oscar. Both are excellent dancers!

First band we watched was Kim Lenz! It was great getting to see her play again. Nick is no longer in her band, but her new guitar player, Mario is a great replacement. 

Next was the Stars of Rockabilly favorite set of the night. Young Jesse and Roddy Jackson were really amazing. I even bought a Roddy Jackson T-Shirt!

Next we watched the nice guy we met, Kevin, aka "Jittery Jack." He was backed by an all star line-up, Deke Dickerson, Dave Wolfe, and Chris "Sugarballs" Sprague on drums.

Now, onto the last Hop of the weekend. We moved over to the small ballroom and Kim was staying up late bopping with me. I got lots of random photos and stole some from Sean who was there with me to the bitter end. The hop was supposed to end at 5:30, but when no one was leaving the ballroom, James stepped up, took over the decks and spun until 7AM. Afterwards everyone who stayed helped clean up the room for security and staff. It was an amazing end to an amazing weekend!

Three of the Caezars, Hayley and an American at the last hop

 Andy and D Jiving

E and I Jiving (or is that Oscar?)

 The Sureshots were the last men standing with me

 James was our hero when he took over the decks and kept the hop going!

All of us helping clean up



Straight Talking Mama! said...

Ah I'm a last man standing kinda gal myself! Haven't done it for ages though as I seem to work at weekenders all the time now :o(

Miss Emmi said...

I think I saw the skirt Kim Lenz was wearing sell on ebay a few months ago! Or a very similar one with the same appliques - you can flip up the dancer's skirts to see their tulle petticoats!

Kim Bombshell said... need to be last man standing at least ONE night this year at the Rave ;-)


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