Sunday, June 5, 2011

What's been going on...and the "Rockabilly Prom"

I leave for my trip in 4 days. Still can't believe it...4 DAYS! I'm obviously very excited.

The one thing that is casting a bit of a shadow on my excitement is the recent development of a tumor in my oldest daughter's neck. Being a bit preoccupied with that has kind of zapped me from my blogging mojo. She has a history of benign tumors, the first appearing when she was 14. It was in the large part of her Parotid Gland (large saliva gland) and by the time it was removed, it was about the size of a lemon. It returned in the small chamber of the same gland when she was 21, and the remainder of the gland was removed. Both surgeries were 5-6 hours long, due to the delicacy of the facial nerve which divided the Parotid gland. Her doctor did not do a needle biopsy on this tumor due to the proximity to her artery. She had an MRI and all the doctor has communicated is that she will be scheduling surgery. I just hope it is scheduled for after my return. I don't want to cut my trip short, but I will if there is some rush on removing the tumor.

Here's a few photos from the last couple weeks...for entertainment purposes:

Visiting Dorian's chickens and Mason

Friday I attended the "Rockabilly Prom" hosted by the Haight Street Hop at Milk Bar in San Francisco. I wore my favorite dress by Whirlingturban. If you haven't heard of Whirlingturban, they are my absolutely favorite reproduction dress company. Katherine spent years working in costuming in Hollywood. After a vacation in Bali, she fell in love with the country and decided to open a dress studio, there. She has told me that Bali is a host to many artists who move their studios to the tropical paradise where it is affordable to operate. The cost of living is low, and the benefits of the climate inspire creativity. Please visit her website here: Whirlingturban. 

This dress was designed by myself. I chose the fabric and style. Also the details, like the encrusting along the top of the bodice. The dress has a matching fan which is beneficial if you start to sweat, like I do, from dancing. I have had all my dresses custom created to my measurements, but Katherine now has a boutique of ready made dresses. The shirring on the sides make the dresses very flexible to different measurements. 

More photos from the night:

It was a great night filled with friends and music. I worked up a good sweat dancing. My friends Aaron and Kristina were crowned prom King and Queen. You can see them having a dance in that last photo.

I don't know if I will have the chance or motivation to blog again before my trip, I wish everyone well until I return. I will have some heavy duty catching up to do with my reading, and I look forward to meeting Fiona at Straight Talking Mamma, and maybe the people over at Rocket Originals. 


Anonymous said...

I hope everything ends up fine with the tumor and that you can still go on your trip for the full amount. You look beautiful in that dress!

Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

What an awesome dress! I've never seen a whirling turban dress I didn't love. Have a fun safe trip and I hope everything goes well for your daughter.



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