Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I discovered I like ruins!

Sunday Kenny picked us up and the Turners, Kenny and I drove out to the Forth Bridge. This amazing bridge was constructed a long time ago (sorry wasn't paying attention to what they told me) and was a man made wonder or something. I was more interested in the beach next to the bridge and the amazing anchor that was just sticking up out of the beach.

When we got back in the car, Kenny asked, "Is there anything particular you want to see. I thought for a moment and said "Do you have any ruins?" They all laughed, because apparently, Scotland is full of ruins. We drove out to St. Andrew to see the 8th Century Cathedral ruins and the adorable, quaint town where Prince William met and fell in love with Kate.

The following day I still had a yearning for more ruins, so Kenny and the Turners took me up to Linlithgow Palace Ruins. You can read the history if you click the link. This was amazing. You could walk all around inside and I climbed to the top turret and snapped pics across the Loch just outside.

After Linlithgow, we headed out towards Stirling to see the William Wallace monument and view his sword....pretty awesome.

Next, we were going to head over to the castle at Stirling, but when Lynn and I saw the Primark, we decided shopping was what we needed to do. We headed back to the Turners after stopping for dinner. By the way, Primark was amazing..cheaper than anything in the states, even with the exchange rate.


Betty2Tone (Laura) said...

Everything looks so pretty!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Aw you look like you had an awesome time! I live in Linlithgow for a week once, I don't remember any ruins as I was young and was only interested in pubs!

Tasha said...

Oh I LOVE stuff like that. Looks like it was fantastic!

The Metikigal said...

Loving your photos. Keep them coming. I'm taking a vicarious holiday when viewing them.


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